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2003 Summer Teacher Institute

The AiS Challenge, with a great 13-year track record, is hosting another exciting STI (Summer Teacher Institute) at San Juan College in Farmington, July 6-18 2003. Sponsors of the STI are HP, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA, and New Mexico Technet, Inc. The STI is for High School and middle school teachers who anticipate sponsoring student teams during the 2003-2004 academic year.

The course will be a 3 credit graduate course, MST 589 from New Mexico Tech in Socorro. Potential topics include: Computational Science, Mathematical Modeling, Project Management Tools, Collaborative Tools, Technical Writing, Web-Based Research, Programming, Data Analysis, Web Site Management, your own Supercomputing Project, and a general overview of the Adventures in Supercomputing Challenge program.

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All expenses will be paid including housing, food allowance, expense stipend, three credit hour graduate class, software, and books.

The Schedule for 2003 (PDF file).

The Syllabus for 2003 (PDF file).

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Virtual Telescopes in Education

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The Messenger Project (PDF file).

Team Final Reports (Web Sites)

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Pictures from the Institute.

The Farmington Daily Times article.

The LANL News Bulletin article about STI and CDI.

Directions to the Comfort Inn and San Juan College.

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