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Summer Teacher Institute (STI)


STI 2007 will be occuring at South Valley Campus of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) in Albuquerque July 8-20, 2007. See map of and to the CNM South Valley Campus.

Here is a flyer advertising the Institute

Here is another flyer advertising the Institute mentioning the $90,000 in scholarships to be given away in April 2008. (or the Word version)


Calendar of Events


The STI will be a three-credit graduate-level course. ST 589 from New Mexico Tech in Socorro. Students that want credit will have to apply for admission to NMT and then enroll. Students that do not anticipate obtaining a degree at NMT need to fill out the Application for Admission as a Special Student form.

Dates and deadlines for the 2007-2008 Supercomputing Challenge.


Out of town participants will be housed at the Hawthorn Inn & Suites on Gibson Boulevard in Albuquerque (Exit 222 off of I-25).


Meet the Instructors or
Mail a message to the STI Instructors (



STI begins at 5:00 July 8th in the Executive Conference Center at the Hawthorn Inn & Suites, 1511 Gibson Boulevard SE, Albuqueque. The daily schedule will be 8:15 to 4:45 or so on the 9th through the 13th and the 16th through the 20th with all classes held at the CNM South Valley Campus. We will be using classrooms SV-53, SV-55, SV-57, and SV-104 on the map.

Class Materials

Project Final Reports

See pictures of our activities.

See what last year's STI was like.

Past STI's

  1. August 1995, 27 teachers, Los Alamos
  2. June 1996, 26 teachers, Portales
  3. July 1996, 27 teachers, Las Cruces
  4. July 1997, 47 teachers, Socorro
  5. June 1998, 16 teachers, Highlands-Las Vegas
  6. August 1998, 15 teachers, Highlands-Las Vegas
  7. June 1999, 15 teachers, NMSU-Las Cruces
  8. June 2000, 12 teachers, WNMU-Silver City
  9. June 2001, 19 teachers, NM Tech-Socorro
  10. June 2002, 14 teachers, San Juan College-Farmington
  11. July 2003, 23 teachers, San Juan College-Farmington
  12. June 2004, 11 teachers, Webinar/Highland High/Albuquerque
  13. July 2005, 19 teachers, Alamogordo High School
  14. July 2006, 15 teachers, Santa Fe Indian School
  15. July 2007, 15 teachers, CNM-Albuquerque

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