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The Supercomputing Challenge
Summer Teacher Institute (STI)


This summer the Supercomputing Challenge will not have the usual two week STI (Summer Teacher Institute) training at NM Tech in Socorro. However, we plan to have a Professional Development (PD) workshop and an online course for the summer.

The workshops will be held in June and July. The structure will be as follows:
Opening PD: June 5th and 6th
Online PD: 8 weeks running June 8th to July 30th
Closing PD: July 31st and August 1st
The Opening and Closing PDs will be held in Albuquerque.
If you are interested in participating, please fill out the registration form at:

See the June 5-6 schedule.

Location of the Workshops

The June 5-6 and July 31/August 1 workshops will be held at the UNM Science and Technology Park Rotunda which is located at 851 University St. Right near the Isotopes Ball Park. See:
It is located at the far right of the map, at the corner of Baseheart and University. Hence the rotunda. Park where the red circled P is on the map.

The primary goals of the Supercomputing Challenge Summer Teacher Institute are to:

  1. introduce teachers to complexity science and computational tools and methods,
  2. advance teachers' knowledge, understanding, and skills in Computer Science and STEM domains,
  3. prepare teachers to support Supercomputing Challenge teams, and
  4. provide ongoing support to teachers who will recruit and assist students in Computer Science and STEM endeavors.

STI Wiki

See the STI 2014 Wiki page for the schedule, lecture notes and resources, and more.

Past STIs

  1. August 1995, 27 teachers, Los Alamos
  2. June 1996, 26 teachers, Portales
  3. July 1996, 27 teachers, Las Cruces
  4. July 1997, 47 teachers, Socorro
  5. June 1998, 16 teachers, Highlands-Las Vegas
  6. August 1998, 15 teachers, Highlands-Las Vegas
  7. June 1999, 15 teachers, NMSU-Las Cruces
  8. June 2000, 12 teachers, WNMU-Silver City
  9. June 2001, 19 teachers, NM Tech-Socorro
  10. June 2002, 14 teachers, San Juan College-Farmington
  11. July 2003, 23 teachers, San Juan College-Farmington
  12. June 2004, 11 teachers, Webinar/Highland High-Albuquerque
  13. July 2005, 19 teachers, Alamogordo High School
  14. July 2006, 15 teachers, Santa Fe Indian School
  15. July 2007, 15 teachers, CNM-Albuquerque
  16. July 2008, 34 teachers, New Mexico Tech
  17. July 2009, 32 teachers, New Mexico Tech
  18. July 2010, 19 teachers, New Mexico Tech
  19. July 2011, 33 teachers, New Mexico Tech
  20. July 2012, 34 teachers, New Mexico Tech
  21. July 2013, 52 teachers, New Mexico Tech
  22. July 2014, 23 teachers, New Mexico Tech
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