Expo and Awards Ceremony

The end-of-year project Expo and Awards Ceremony will take place at The Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque on April 24-25, 2017.

Teams coming from more than 100 miles from Albuquerque will be invited to arrive on Sunday night and stay for two night and teams coming from more than 50 miles from Albuquerque will be invited to arrive on Monday morning and stay for one night. Teams from within 50 miles of Albuquerque will be expected to commute to the Expo on Monday and the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday morning. The Supercomputing Challenge will provide lodging.

All participants submitting final reports by the first Wednesday in April are invited to the Expo and Awards Ceremony.

Note: Every team attending the Expo will be required to give a presentation not to exceed a half-hour on their work to a panel of judges on Monday, April 24th. A display board summarizing your work will be mandatory as well, and using a computer during your presentation is optional

General Information


  • Directions to the Hotel, Expo, and Awards Ceremony
  • Hotel arrangements (Please review the Drury Hotel Rules.)
    • Sunday and Monday nights at Drury Hotel (Contact Consult for the access code)
      (Aldo Leopold, Melrose, Mesa Mid, Mesa View Mid, Portales, San Juan Early College HS, Taos, Twin Buttes, YWiC)
    • Monday night at Drury Hotel (Contact Consult for the access code)
      (Acad for Tech & Classics, Capital, Desert Academy, Los Alamos High, Los Alamos Mid, McCurdy, Monte Del Sol, Pinon, Santa Fe High)
    • Teams expect to commute: Albuquerque Academy, Jackson Mid, Los Lunas High, Los Lunas Mid, New Futures, RRCA, Sandia Prep, Saturday Sci & Math

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Awards Ceremony


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