Expo Announcement

All teams that have submitted a final report are invited to attend the Expo Monday, April 24th and Awards Ceremony Tuesday, April 25th at The Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Albuquerque. A schedule and a checklist to help you prepare for the event are below.

Activities Include:

  • Meeting other students and teachers
  • Display Board presentations of Supercomputing Challenge projects (the Expo)
  • Demonstrations from Sandia National Laboratories
  • Visits to technology companies in Albuquerque
  • Evening reception at the National Nuclear Museum of Science and History
  • Awards Ceremony

Registration Procedures

The deadline for registering online is April 5th, 2017.

We need an accurate count of those attending so that we can organize the program, the housing, and order the food.

Teachers are responsible for supervision of the students.

Tour Information

Several demonstrations will be set up at the JCC for viewing the morning of the Expo. In the afternoon, teachers will be given schedules and direction to get to different business that will be hosting small groups of students throughout the afternoon.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be held 9:00 to 12:00 on Tuesday, April 25th at the JCC. A lunch will follow.

In addition to the winning team and individual scholarship awards, all teams who submit a team project will receive a certificate and a memento of the 27th annual Supercomputing Challenge.

Finalists will receive special certificates and awards. Other awards will be given, including prizes and special recognition for winners in the Poster Competitions as well as door prizes for students and teachers.

Projects Due

Remember! Noon on April 5th is the deadline for submitting the final team project reports (electronic-copy submission on the Final Reports page) and registering to attend the Expo and Awards Ceremony.

Project Advisor

Please invite your Project Mentor to attend the activities with your team. If your Project Mentor plans to attend, please be sure to let us know by including his/her name on the registration form.

Remember To Bring Your Display Board and (optional) Graphics Logo Poster


What to Wear

You will be doing a lot of walking during the day, so wear comfortable shoes. Bring a jacket or sweater because weather can unexpectedly turn cold and rainy or snowy, even in April. Please dress nicely. Bring your swimming suit if you would like to go swimming in the evening at the Drury Hotel.


Lodging will be available at the Drury Hotel in Albuquerque Sunday and Monday evenings for Expo registrants from more than 100 miles from Albuquerque and on Monday night for Expo registrants living between 50 and 100 miles from Albuquerque.

The Supercomputing Challenge will pay for room (one or two nights at hotel and breakfast included); any other lodging charges will be your responsibility. Note that you will possibly share a room with people from other teams (students will be placed four to a room and teachers two to a room).