Staff housing

Some staff will arrive on Friday and some on Saturday.

If your name is not on this list and you think it should be, please contact David Kratzer

Friday and Saturday night, Oct 7 & 8, at the
Socorro Holiday Inn Express.

Room 1, TQNN, 63191613
Allen, Lawrence
Bologa, Bianca

Room 2, KNGN, 63203992
Bennett, Nicholas

Room 3, TQNN, 63205549
Brown, Joan
Brown, Tom

Room 4, TQNN, 63206346
Danielson, Geoff
Jensen, Jeremy   (Saturday night only)

Room 5, TQNN, 63207247
Gangwere, Bandit
Gangwere, Morgan

Room 6, TQNN, 63213938
Gibbs, Susan

Room 7, TQNN, 63216170
Goatcher, Kaley
Meyer, Patty

Room 8, TQNN, 63217044
Gomez, Ann
Kindig, Gloria

Room 9, TQNN, 61879163
Guerin, Stephen

Room 10, TQNN, 63218943
Kilde, Josephine
Kilde, Scott

Room 11, TQNN, 63223844
Koch, Chris
Kratzer, David

Room 12, TQNN, 63231628
Lazo, Max
Lazo, Virginia

Room 13, TQNN, 63242045
Lo, Li-Ta
Lo, Ming

Room 14, TQNN, 63243075
Vernon, Louis
Vernon, Thea

Room 15, TQNN, 63243864
Roberts, Randy
Roberts, Teresa

Room 16, TQNN, 63245990
Robey, Bob
Robey, Thomas

Room 17, TQNN, 63245990
Navarrete, Rocky
Thomas, Tim



Friday night only

Room 1, TQNN, 63260763
Germann, Lina (Friday night only)  CANCELLED
Prescott, Paige (Friday night only)



Saturday night only

Room 1, TQNN, 63262626
Cox, Steve           added 9/29
Taylor, James

Room 2, KNGN, 63425386
Psaila-Dombrowski, Maureen    added 9/29

Room 3, KNGN, 69119127
Ulloa, Alvaro   added 10/4

KNGN is a one king sized bed room, non-smoking,
TQNN is a two queen sized bed room non-smoking,
XKLN is a one king sized bed room with a pull out sofa, non-smoking.