MTS Overview

Kickoff- Meet the Scientist (MTS) Overview Document

Thank you being a Scientist Who Will Be Met! This is the key part of the Kickoff not only because you are a model for computational science careers but also because you counsel the students about their projects. Good conversations about doable projects that have data are critical to the teams getting off to a good start post-Kickoff. Thank you for helping them get their project planning forms completed and signing off on them. There is one attached here. Additionally, there is information for the students about Proposals at

All Middle School and High School teams attend one of the three MTS sessions. These students may have had or be enrolled in Algebra 1.  We may need some volunteers to help teams that have no project topic.  These sessions might also include an opportunity for teams to visit with a Technical Writing Team.

Finally, the most experienced students will have more programming and content courses than the other tracks and do not have an MTS class set aside for them.

Thank you all for your huge support of the Challenge. We couldn’t do it without your commitment of time and your special expertise.