1997 Summer Teacher Training Session held at New Mexico Tech in Socorro

In July, 47 teachers from around New Mexico gathered in Socorro for two overlapping two-week training sessions.

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The Press Release

Over the past seven years the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge has trained over 3800 high school students in the art of computer programming and scientific computation. The Challenge is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory(LANL), New Mexico Technet, Silicon Graphics Inc., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMIMT), New Mexico State University, The University of New Mexico, CHECS, and others in industry, government, and academia. This year-long-academic program was designed to increase the interest of high school students in the areas of mathematics, science and engineering by introducing them to high performance computing, and works toward this goal by providing numerous training sessions, mentors, and competitive events for the students. The success of the Challenge is largely based upon its non-selective participation and the academically-stimulating environment that it provides for New Mexico high school students.

In addition to training for high school students, Los Alamos National Laboratory provides a Summer Teacher Training Session for participating high school teachers. These two-week training sessions expose the sponsoring teachers to the scientific and WWW programming environments and other educational Internet/WWW applications that the teachers will be able to use in their classrooms.

The 1997 Summer Teacher Training Session for the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge was held at the New Mexico Tech campus from July 6 - 27, 1997. Participants attended from all areas of the state including Carlsbad, Des Moines, Farmington, Gallup, Albuquerque, Floyd, Mosquero, Artesia, Cuba, Clayton, Logan, Ramah, Santa Fe, Springer, Thoreau, To'Hajilee, Tularosa, and Wagon Mound. Los Alamos National Laboratory instructors for the event include David Kratzer, Gina Weber, Jeff Johnson, Ted Spitzmiller, and Dale Leschnitzer all from CIC-6, and Michael Fisk from CIC-5, who is also a NMIMT graduate.

The teachers' pre-test and post-test scores indicate how they improved during the two week course.