Each Supercomputing Challenge year, scholarships may be awarded based on qualities demonstrated by individuals applying for the Scholarship Program. These scholarships are not automatic, and students wishing to be considered MUST apply.

Application details are at the bottom of this page.

Note: Only Seniors are Eligible to Apply

School Specific Scholarships:

  • NMSU Physics Scholarship: $4,000 ($1,000 per year – renewable up to four years)
    Conditions: must major in physics at NMSU could be a double major), must maintain GPA of 3.0 or better, Supercomputing Challenge project must have a strong physics component.
  • NMSU Computer Science Scholarship
    Conditions: $500 to a graduating senior who attends NMSU in the Fall, is registered as a Computer Science Major, has completed or is taking Calculus AB and has a high school GPA of 3.3 or better. Award to be presented after the start of the Fall Semester.
  • One-time $2,500 financial award to New Mexico State University (distribution is 50% Fall and 50% Spring)
  • Two One-time $2,400 financial awards to New Mexico Tech
  • One-time $2,000 ($1,000 per semester) Scholarship to Eastern New Mexico University

Flexible Scholarships

All scholarships are valid only through the institution’s fall registration cycle for the calendar year in which the recipient graduates from high school.

Internship Opportunity

  • Two $3000 Paid University of New Mexico Summer Research Internships for HS seniors with a UNM CS faculty member. Qualifications: students must have a cumulative GPA above 3.25 at Spring semester end and must have been admitted to UNM as a CS major.

All scholarship applicants are subject to the following:

  • be an active member of a Supercomputing Challenge team
  • applicant’s team submits a final report
  • plan to attend a two or four-year university
  • pursue a computing, engineering, mathematics or science major
  • Meet the university GPA requirements

Any senior student wishing to be considered for a scholarship award MUST submit the following via email by March 31st, 2017:

  • A letter describing his/her contribution to the team project with an emphasis on the specific areas of leadership.
  • The sponsoring teacher MUST endorse the team member’s letter and outline the qualities and examples from the teacher’s perspective.
  • A letter from the Project Mentor and/or other team members may also provide supporting statements of this individual’s role and contribution to the team effort.
  • A scanned transcript
  • Please include information as to what college you plan to attend, if that is available.

Send the information to Scholarships1617 at

Current high school seniors in good standing with the Challenge (Interim Reports and Project Evaluation presentations) will be notified by email of the steps in the online process.

Based on receipt of the above information, the scholarship competitors will be contacted by the scholarship judges for more information. We might do phone interviews or personal interviews in Albuquerque the day of the Expo. Be sure to check your email for information and interview schedules in the weeks before the Expo.