Developing a Code for Success

Project Display Board — Requirements

A display board can be a critical component of your presentation. It is what people see first; it helps establish the quality of the project. Display boards can be purchased (at minimal cost) from your local hobby store, or constructed from many durable materials such as pegboard, cork board, particle board, or foam board.


There is an award for the individual(s) who design the best display board. The winning design will also serve as the cover for the publication of the compiled finalists' reports.

The display board should contain, at a minimum, the following items:

Focus on computing, computations and simulation:

The quality of the lettering on the display board can convey much about the project. You may want to consider using a wordprocessing program or print program to design and produce the lettering. The project title should have the largest letters, while titles for each supplemental section are smaller. A border can be added around the entire display or used to emphasize important sections.

Backing, or double backing, the title, subtitles, and content elements help to make the information stand out on the display board.


Additional sites to help design your posterboard: