Developing a Code for Success

Expo Presentations Schedule

 TIME TABLE   TEAM            Expo Judges 

 8:30       LAHS56   FINALIST TEAM, presenting in the Jemez Room at 8:00
         1  MMS139      Angel, Gibbs, McDermon, Ried
	 3  SSMA48      Arias, Goatcher, Meyer, Simon, Lazo
	 5  GADMS113    Barrett, Jones, Morgan, Thompson, Trujillo
	    LLHS47   FINALIST TEAM, presenting in the Jemez Room at 8:45
         7  MMS184      Crawford, Horst, Morin, Torres
	 9  LLHS53      Danielson, Knowles, Morning, Tripplett
	11  PHS73       Eckert, Koch, Overfelt, Walther, Lopatina, Prescott
	13  SSMA200     Garasi, Lamborn, Parboteeah, White
	15  BMES204     Ghosh, Lucas, Rankin, Woodruff

 9:00    2  MELES41     Arias, Jones, Morin, Tripplett, Lazo
	 4  MELHS3      Barrett, Horst, Morning, Walter, Lopatina
	 6  MELHS19     Crawford, Knowles, Overfelt, White
	 8  MELHS34     Danielson, Koch, Parboteeah, Woodruff
	10  MELHS35     Eckert, Lamborn, Rankin, Gibbs
	12  MELHS36     Garasi, Lucas, Simon, Angel, Trujillo
	14  MELHS42     Ghosh, Meyer, Thompson, McDermon
	16  MELMS45     Goatcher, Morgan, Torres, Ried, Prescott

 9:30       LAHS71   FINALIST TEAM, presenting in the Jemez Room 9:30
         3  RAC83       Crawford, Koch, Rankin, Arias, Lazo, Barrett
	 5  LAMS155     Danielson, Lamborn, Simon, Gibbs,Lopatina, Knowles
	 7  MCS69       Eckert, Lucas, Thompson, Ried, Trujillo, Prescott
	 9  MCS158      Garasi, Meyer, Torres, Tripplett, Parboteeah, Angel
	    MDS185   FINALIST TEAM, presenting in the Jemez Room 10:30
	13  CHS33       Goatcher, Morning, White, McDermon, Ghosh, Morgan
	15  MULT61      Horst, Overfelt, Woodruff, Morin, Walter, Jones

10:00    2  LAHS201     Crawford, Lamborn, Thompson, Knowles, Danielson, Lopatina
	    ATC50    FINALIST TEAM, presenting in the Jemez Room 11:15
	 6  ATC55       Eckert, Meyer, Walter, Jones, Lazo, Torres
	 8  NFS26    CANCELLED      
	10  NMSA134     Ghosh, Morning, Woodruff, Ried, Trujillo, Parboteeah
	12  RRCA1       Goatcher, Overfelt, Angel, Tripplett, Prescott, Lucas
	14  SPS128      Horst, Rankin, Arias, McDermon, Garasi, Morgan
	16  SPS132      Koch, Simon, Barrett, Morin, White, Gibbs

10:30       SFHS162   FINALIST TEAM, presenting in the Jemez Room at 12:00
	 3  SFHS109     Eckert, Koch, Morin, Torres, Prescott
	 5  SFHS120     Garasi, Lamborn, Morning, Tripplett, Danielson
	 7  SFHS122     Ghosh, Lazo, Overfelt, Trujillo, Knowles
	 9  JMS32       Gibbs, Lopatina, Parboteeah, Barrett, Morgan
	11  JMS58       Goatcher, Lucas, Rankin, White, Crawford
	13  JMS59       Jones, McDermon, Ried, Woodruff, Arias
	15  JMS60       Horst, Meyer, Simon, Angel, Walther, Thompson

11:00    2  THS159      Angel, Arias, Barrett, Crawford
	 4  THS116      Danielson, Eckert, Garasi, Ghosh, Prescott
	 6  THS131      Gibbs, Goatcher, Jones, Horst, White
	 8  THS203      Knowles, Koch, Lamborn, Lazo, Walther
	10  THS31       Lopatina, Lucas, McDermon, Meyer
	12  JMS62       Morgan, Morin, Morning, Overfelt
	14  UBMS187     Parboteeah, Rankin, Ried, Simon
	16  SVA144      Thompson, Torres, Tripplett, Trujillo, Woodruff

11:30 Judges caucus

12:30 Expo Judges announce another two - four finalist teams

1:30  15 PESSF118        Gibbs, Morin, Rankin

These presentations will be in the first floor and basement of the Library below the Study Center of the Research Library at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. After their presentations, teams will set up their posters on the second floor in the Santa Clara Gallery and form groups to be able to take tours of Los Alamos National Laboratory.