Team ID Team Name Project Name Project Description Report
ATC50ATC-1Epidemiology SimulationAn Agent Based Python model, that simulates the spread of Influenza in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Download
ATC55atc girls teamA Safer Way to Track Forest FiresDownload
BMES204TurtlesCode versus CholeraUsing Voronoi graphs to find the source of the 1854 chorela outbreak in LondonDownload
CHS33JaguarsThe Spread of Red Imported Fire Ants This project will attempt to track the spread of a colony of RIFA within a controlled environment.Download
GADMS113Panthers 1TB in PopulationsStudents are measuring populations pr 100,000 transmission rates to determine when when a large shift in population is affected by virus, which will be their definition of an outbreak. They have researched transmission rates and populations with TB in communities to verify their data.Download
JMS32GryffonsA-Maze-IngThere are many ways to solve a maze using a computer, but what about from inside the maze? This project explores how to solve a maze with algorithms.Download
JMS58Jackson18StuxnetStuxnet is a controlled computer worm. We plan to study and explain how Stuxnet infects them. Download
JMS59Robokids101Robotics help medicineWe will investigate how robotics help brain surgeryDownload
JMS60JitterbugHow The separation of water effect the spread dengue fever?the separation of small pools of water in small towns affect the spread of dengue fever Download
JMS62Jackson3Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta TrafficThe problem is that the traffic at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta can have negative effects on many people, this includes students, workers, pedestrians, and any other drivers. The traffic causes delays for cars going out of their community.Download
LAHS201Free ThinkerImplementing an Artificial Neural Network to Recognize Handwritten DigitsComputer vision is a quickly growing field in artificial intelligence that involves using a computer to identify objects in the real world. Machine learning offers a way to teach computers how to see. Rather than being explicitly programmed, machine learning techniques provide systems with the ability to make predictions with training data, so the systems can learn on their own. The goal of this project is design and construct a computer program that can classify digits from zero to nine given training data and test data.Download
LAHS56Lillian PetersenPredicting Food Shortages in Africa from Satellite ImageryDeveloping countries often have poor monitoring and reporting of weather and crop health, leading to slow response to droughts and food shortages. Here, new satellite data analysis tools were created to monitor crop health and predict food production three months before the harvest in every country in Africa. An interactive map of crop predictions was posted online so that international aid organizations can be better prepared for humanitarian relief operations.Download
LAHS71LAHS71RSA Based Primality TestUsing the RSA cryptosystem to test positive integers for primalityDownload
LAHS72People from the SunHydroponic Agriculture: Commercial vs. Individual Growth in New MexicoWith New Mexico’s limited resources, we want to model if a locally-based, hydroponic systems could feed a city like Santa Fe.Download
LAMS155CLICInterpreting and Classifying MusicDownload
LLHS47LLHS-1What's Missing?Finding Missing Information Using the Available Sets of Partial DataDownload
LLHS53LLHS 3Effects of Drag in Different EnvironmentWe will be working in NetLogo to find the effects of drag in different environments.Download
MCS158The legendsthe hole in the ozoneThis project aims to track the harshness of climate change in New Mexico.Download
MCS69New World OrderTent caterpillar infestation in Carson National ForrestMcCurdy Charter School Interm ReportDownload
MDS185monte del sol dragons Spread of Herbicide through CropsDownload
MELES41Melrose ElementaryCrop Dusting ProposalWe want to do our project about crop dusting. Crop dusting is where you use a plane to spray crops with chemicals to help the m grow. Farmers use crop dusters when they need to quickly get a problem taken care of with insects or diseases, or when the field is too wet for a tractor to get into the field.Download
MELHS19sophmores4U AppThe 4U App will be an application for iPhones and tablets that will help people with a mental disadvantage. We first thought of this when a new student came to our school who has such a problem. She is in constant need of assistance in finding her way around school, and in knowing what she should be doing at different times of the day. Sometimes she gets uneasy when she is unsure of where she should go and how she should get there. We want to make something to keep her safe and happy!Download
MELHS3melrose12BioterrorismOur project this year is about ioterrorism and how we might be able to prevent it in the future.Download
MELHS34MandHJellyfishOur project is about jellyfish ecology.Download
MELHS35aaronjonesBlood Ivory IIWe are continuing our study of elephant ecology in order to help preserve them from ivory poachers.Download
MELHS36earthVolcanoesThis year we are studying how a volcano effected the environment in Pompeii. We wanted to study volcanoes this year because we thought it would be interesting to see why they are so harmful to the people and environment around it. We wanted to study the volcano specifically in Pompeii because it was a big and most famous eruption that has happened. We want to do something different this year because for the past two years we have always done it on animals. Download
MELHS42MARTINSBaby PTSDMy project will research and map areas of brain injury that can be shown in a computer modelDownload
MELMS45b&bSunlight Clock and CalendarOur project is going to be on astronomy. Our project is going to be about a sunlight clock. It will be the sun rays hitting a mirror and shine to a frame that has the time of the day and what day of the year it is.Download
MMS139pleasantlyweirdCheap Green EnergyThe problem we are trying to solve is finding or creating cheap green energy.Download
MMS184mms3Habitat LossWe are creating a model to show the effect of humans on wildlife.Download
MULT61ZepherThe Farmer in the Optimum DellCan we create a program that has adjustable variables that affect a tomato plant accurately.Download
NFS26New FuturesReducing Corporations’ Carbon OuttakeResearching the highest & lowest producing corporations in order to minimize Carbon production. Download
NMSA134KrakensThe Economic Effects of Implamenting EFCAA model to show economic effects of environmental full cost accounting (EFCA) suggesting the best rate to implement it.Download
PESSF118Pinon EaglesData Science for Pets in DisastersWe hypothesize we can use data from social media to tell how likely it is that pets are present at a given street address.Download
PHS73Portales RamsDiapateticsHelping people keep track of their diabetes, with an appDownload
RRCA1Rioranchocyber-1ice ice power babyusing excess solar power produced during the day into making a refrigerator as cold as possible without damaging food, essentially converting existing household appliances into small solar energy storage devicesDownload
SFHS109PepesThe real Bee movieA simulation of the life of bees.Download
SFHS120CS SquadFeral Boars in New MexicoA proposal for methods that may decrease the population of the wild boar that is ravaging New Mexico.Download
SFHS122Mahashwaren Traffic Co. Inc.Traffic ModelDownload
SFHS162LR^2Efficient Evacuation of At-Risk PopulationsIn light of the numerous natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods affecting the United States, if and how a population evacuates has become a pertinent question.Download
SJCHS167team 4Intelligence versus CognitionWe want to know if varying levels of intelligence and cognition effect a persons reaction in the Fight or Flight responseDownload
SJCHS168Team 5O2 As Time FliesWe will create a simulation to see if the human race will be able to survive as we continue to create CO2 at a dangerous rate.Download
SJCHS169Team 6Radiation Effect on FoodsAn atomic bomb is a weapon that releases energy when the fission splits of the nuclei of plutonium and uranium. It has a shockwave that can reach hundreds of kilometers in an hour. The exposure to radiation can cause tissue damage, and radiation sickness, where the symptoms were vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain. The radiation surface contaminated the food and entered the food chain, by contaminating the tissue. A store being affected by this amount of energy and radiation, will contaminate and have a large shockwave, that vaporizes materials, due to the fireball, it will condense particles to be finer. Download
SJCHS170Team 7The dangers of fireWhat substance or material will harm New Mexico's environment the most?Download
SJCHS171Team 8Facial RecognitionOur problem is that the security systems in schools are terrible. They have security cameras that are blurry and hard to see clearly, so you have to trust people to tell the truth. We hope to create a program that can identify a face in a blurry setting as well as a clear one.Download
SJCHS172Team 9Can we cure cancer by using the fungi in sloth fur?Download
SJCHS23THE GRIFFINSConcept of Negative MassCan a physical phenomenon called negative mass be possible, in which it makes gravity act like a magnet?Download
SPS128SandiaPrepHoltschulteLikelihood of Planets of Specific TypesThe Likelihood of Solar Systems to Produce Planets of Specific TypesDownload
SPS132Team 2Re-creation of the RSA algorithmThe problem is people's credit card numbers are being stolen and secure the transaction that he/she has made from malware attacks. We want to strengthen the code protecting the card numbers better. This is important because if our credit cards were not protected then all of our information and money would be accessible to anyone.Download
SSMA200AniMatrixWe would like to animate mouths using text-to-speech software to recognize facial structures andDownload
SSMA48SSMAHurricane Effect on Disease TransferIn this project, we look at the effect of hurricanes hitting sewage treatment plants in Puerto Rico to show how bacteria can spread through a population. Download
SVA144Ladies of scienceIdea Business for care packages-natural disastersCreate a web site to deliver care packagesDownload
THS116ZakJenKinDisaster Simulatora program to see how a well a building will survive a disasterDownload
THS131Concurrent Concussion ReductionThe Dangers of CTEStudy how the body registers symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, CTE, and how these effect the brain.Download
THS159SianeyMitochondriaMitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell, but when something goes wrong, the mitochondria is responsible for cellular dysfunction. When the dysfunction is caused by outside sources, it is called mitochondrial toxicity, when it is caused by genetic sources, it is called mitochondrial dysfunction. Download
THS203wiitangclanTune the FireFire suppression using ultrasonic wavesDownload
THS31Modeling Straw Mulch in Taos Agriculture Download
UBMS187Going ViralViral infectionDownload
YWiC163ywic1007Our project is about bacteria and vaccines.Our project will show you the benefits of getting vaccinated.Download
YWIC165YWic-2How can we reduce Global Warming.The problem that we hope to solve is the major problem of Global Warming. Global Warming is a very real thing that affects everyone. It affects everyone because no matter where you are on Earth, it affects you. We want to create a solution to help reduce it.Download