Areas of Science

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, ethology, linguistics, animal behavior (learned or instinctive), learning, perception, urban problems, reading problems, public opinion surveys, public policy, educational testing, economics, political science.


Molecular biology, molecular genetics, enzymes, photosynthesis, blood chemistry, protein chemistry, food chemistry, hormones.


Agriculture, agronomy, horticulture, forestry, plant biorhythm, laboratory plant anatomy, plant taxonomy, plant physiology, plant pathology, plant genetics, hydroponics, algology, mycology.


Physical chemistry, organic chemistry (other than biochemistry), inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials, plastics, fuels, pesticides, metallurgy, soil chemistry.

Computer Science

New developments in software or hardware, information systems, computer systems organization, computer methodologies and data (including structures, encryption, coding and information theory), machine learning, artificial intelligence, graphics modeling, graphics art.

Earth and Space Sciences

Geology, geophysics, physical oceanography, meteorology, atmospheric physics, seismology, petroleum, geography, speleology, mineralogy, topography, optical astronomy, radio astronomy, astrophysics, archaeology.


Civil, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, electrical, photographic, sound, automotive, marine, heating and refrigerating, transportation, environmental, power transmission and generation, electronics, communications, architecture, bioengineering, lase rs.

Environmental Sciences

Pollution (air, water, land), pollution sources and their control, waste disposal, environmental alteration (heat, light, irrigation, erosion), ecology.


Calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, number theory, statistics, real/complex analysis, probability, topology, logic, operations research, game theory, other topics in pure and applied mathematics.

Medicine and Health

Medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, pathology, ophthalmology, nutrition, sanitation, pediatrics, dermatology, allergies, speech and hearing, optometry.


Bacteriology, virology, protozoology, fungal and bacterial genetics, yeast.


Solid state, optics, acoustics, particle, nuclear, atomic, plasma superconductivity, condensed matter, fluid and gas dynamics, thermodynamics, semiconductors, magnetism, quantum mechanics, biophysics, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics.


Animal genetics, ornithology, ichthyology, herpetology, entomology, animal ecology, anatomy, paleontology, cellular physiology, animal biorhythms, animal husbandry, cytology, histology, animal physiology, neurophysiology, invertebrate biology.