Acceptable Use Policy



As a participant in the Supercomputing Challenge, you may have access to a high performance computer at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), other sites and to the Internet. Use of these facilities is a PRIVILEGE, and you MUST act in a responsible and ethical way at all times.

Through these facilities, you will be able to access information on computer systems around the world. Supercomputing Challenge participants, their parents, and their schools must understand that the Supercomputing Challenge sponsors and their employees have NO control over the access to specific systems or the content of information on any system. Some systems may contain material that may not be appropriate for students. All Supercomputing Challenge sponsors ban the use of inappropriate materials on their own computing systems, and its use by Supercomputing Challenge participants is strictly prohibited. Parents of Participants are asked to monitor home use of the computer systems.

Supercomputing Challenge participants are encouraged to seek help for their projects through network contacts. However, the information, opinions, advice, and services provided via the Supercomputing Challenge computing and networking systems are those of the provider and not of the Supercomputing Challenge.

As a Supercomputing Challenge participant, you have access to a wide array of computing facilities and information. You can get technical support from the Supercomputing Challenge Consulting team at: (505) 412-2558, or by emailing consult @


Individual passwords should not be shared. Always protect your password and the access to your account. If your password is lost or stolen or if you believe someone may have unlawfully entered your account, notify the Supercomputing Challenge staff.

Email: consult @
Phone: (505) 412-2558.


Your actions while online must always be at the highest ethical level. System and network administrators monitor activity. Any inappropriate actions may result in your being dismissed from the Supercomputing Challenge and your account terminated.

Any inappropriate behavior or attempt to restrict or inhibit other Supercomputing Challenge participants from using and enjoying the Supercomputing Challenge computing and networking systems is strictly prohibited.

You may not publish over the system or network any information that violates or infringes on the rights of other people or that would be abusive, profane, or sexually offensive.

You may not publish information that contains unsolicited advertising or that solicits other participants to use goods or services.

You must not use the facilities and capabilities of the system or network to conduct any non-Challenge business or activity or solicit the performance of any activity that is prohibited by law.

Only public domain files and files in which the author has given expressed consent for online distribution may be transferred by Supercomputing Challenge participants. You must have the author's permission to place copyrighted material on any system connected to or participating in Supercomputing Challenge activities. If you download copyrighted material for your own use, permission must be specified in the document, on the network, or obtained directly from the author. For your protection, be sure to keep a copy of the permission.

The Supercomputing Challenge reserves the right to monitor the activities of Supercomputing Challenge participants and to fully cooperate with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to information transmitted on any system connected to or participating in Supercomputing Challenge activities.

Enjoy your Supercomputing Challenge account, but keep in mind that it will be terminated immediately for ANY inappropriate actions, not just those listed here. You or your agent may request the termination of an account by sending a notice to the Supercomputing Challenge staff.