Project Evaluations- ENMU

The Evaluations will be in the Science Biulding (#32 at the top center on the ENMU campus map), rooms 210 and 214.

Park in the parking lot on the corner of S Avenue K and W 14th Street and walk across S Avenue K to the Science Building.

The Science Building

When this building was first constructed, it had three classrooms; one with the capacity of 100 students and the other two had a capacity of 50 students. The renovated building now has one of the largest classrooms on campus with 125 seats and two 50 student capacity classrooms. There are two smart classrooms, additional regular classrooms, seminar rooms and autoclave equipment. During the renovation, we also added onto the building to create a 10,000 square foot laboratory. Our science departments stand out in a magnitude of ways. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to publish and do research, which isn’t common at other universities. We are one of only a few non-medical universities to have a cadaver on campus for biology students, so you can get a hands-on experience. If you are interested in obtaining both your bachelor’s and master’s in biology we have a fast track program that can get you both degrees in five years.