Expo Presentations Schedule

Teams will be scheduled for 30 minute time slots from 8:00 until 11:50 on April 29th where they will present their project to a group of judges.

TIME  TABLE  TEAM                    Expo Judges 
 8:20  1  Justice Code AI             Arias, Angel, Jones, Thomas
       3  Los Alamos High Magnetic    BarrettG, Ward, Bennett, Levy, Valdez
       5  Justice Code JC6            Larmat, Washington, Bowles, Olonia
       7  Tucumcari Color             Batey, Bravo-Valencia, Overfelt, Vigil
       9  Tucumcari Aviation          Morin, Daugherty, Petersen, Ishak
      11  Harrison Mid Farming        Prescott, Davis, Rednour, Lattimore
    Zoom  St. Thomas Sharks 
9:00   2  Justice Code COPD           Arias, Washington, Davis, Levy
       4  Los Alamos High Face        BarrettG, Batey, Angel, Jones, Thomas
       6  Los Alamos High Cubes       Larmat, Bennett, Olonia, Valdez
       8  Los Alamos Mid DuoNumero    Morin, Bowles, Overfelt, Ishak
      10  Homeschool Exoplanets       Prescott, Bravo-Valencia, Petersen, Lattimore
      12  St. Thomas Debris           Ward, Daugherty, Rednour, Vigil
    Zoom X
 9:40  1  ATC Neural                  Arias, BarrettG, Jones, Valdez 
       3  Monte del Sol SCRAM         Batey, Levy, Vigil, Ishak
       5  NMSA Algae                  Larmat, Angel, Olonia, Davis
       7  SF Prep ALAN                Morin, Bennett, Overfelt, Lattimore
       9  Homeschool Instrument       Prescott, Bowles, Petersen 
      11  McKinley Mushrooms          Ward, Bravo-Valencia, Rednour
      13 NMAMA Wood-wide web          Washington, Daugherty, Thomas
   Zoom  X 
10:20  2  SF Prep CHASM               Arias, Daugherty, Rednour
       4  ABQ Acad Thermal            Batey, Davis, Thomas, Lattimore
       6  ABQ Acad Housing            Larmat, Morin, Jones,  Valdez
       8  ABQ Acad Water              Prescott, Angel, Levy, Vigil
      10  Cleveland Smoke             Ward, Bennett, Olonia
      12  Truman Mid Robots           Washington, Bowles, Overfelt, Ishak
      14  Truman Mid Drones           BarrettG, Bravo-Valencia, Petersen
   Zoom X
11:00  1  Cleveland MOCHA             Arias, Bowles, Olonia, Vigil
       3  Capital High SCOOBY         Batey, Bravo-Valencia, Overfelt
       5  Capital High Explosives     Morin, Daugherty, Petersen, Lattimore
       7  La Cueva CARE               Larmat, Prescott, Davis, Rednour
       9  La Cueva AI                 Ward, BarrettG, Angel, Jones, Thomas, Ishak
      11  La Cueva Deep Learning      Washington, Bennett, Levy, Valdez
      Zoom  La Cueva Jacket ? 
11:45 Judges caucus
 1:15 Expo Judges announce another one - three finalist teams

These presentations will be in the first floor and basement of the Library below the Study Center of the Research Library at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. After their presentations, teams will set up their posters on the second floor in the Santa Clara Gallery and form groups to be able to take tours of Los Alamos National Laboratory.