Final Reports

Contact Members School Name Title
Henry Tischler Henry Tischler Academy For Tech & Classics Using Clustered Random Samples to Find Spurious Correlations in Neural Networks
AA Team 1 AA Team 1 Albuquerque Academy AA Team 1 - Water Runoff and Diversion Simulation
Energy Explorers Energy Explorers Albuquerque Academy Single Family Residential Thermal Energy Storage
TheGamingBoys TheGamingBoys Albuquerque Academy Housing Problem Final Report Revisions
Blast Masters (CHS 2) Blast Masters (CHS 2) Capital High Exploring the Science Behind High Explosives
Rangers Rangers Cleveland High Using Deep learning to save an endangered language
Smoke Detectors Smoke Detectors (CHS) Cleveland High A Realtime Camera Fusion 3D Model with a Novel Feature-Matching and Star Identification-Based Calibration for Tracking Smoke Plumes
CHS Team 3 CHS Team 3 Cleveland High MOCHA FInal Report
Harrison Mid 1 Harrison Mid 1 Harrison Mid Farming the Unfarmable
The Oncology Explorer The Oncology Explorer Justice Code Implementing Artificial Intelligence for Bioinformatics and Rapid Analysis of Cancer, CKD, and Heavy Metals in NHANES Datasets by Novice Programmers
The Rx Researcher The Rx Researchers Justice Code A Computational Exploration of COPD Medication Adherence
JC Team 6 JC Team 6 Justice Code Justice Code Team 6 Final Report
Victoria Outkin Victoria Outkin La Cueva High AI Calling BS
CARE: Cancer And Radiation CARE: Cancer And Radiation Education La Cueva High CARE: Cancer And Radiation Education Final Report
Glikman 2023-24 Glikman 2023-24 La Cueva High Final Report: Smart Jacket - Supercomputing Challenge (Paul Kotze)
Topology optimization Advancement in Marching Cubes for Enhanced Structural Design Los Alamos High Advancement in Marching Cubes for Enhanced Structural Design
Magnetic Reconnection Magnetic Reconnection Los Alamos High Magnetic Reconnection
Deep face recognition Deep face recognition Los Alamos High Facial Recognition with Deep Face Library - Ensuring Campus Security
Rush Hour Simulation Rush Hour Simulation Los Alamos Mid DuoNumero
McKinley Middle School comets McKinley Middle School comets McKinley Middle School Mushrooms as Reducers of Trash
NM Acad for Media Arts NM Acad for Media Arts New Mexico Academy for the Media Arts Final Report: The Wood-Wide Web's Impact on Plant Health in Arid Areas
STEM Dragons STEM Dragons Monte del Sol STEM Dragons Final Report
Spyrogyra Spyrogyra New Mexico School for the Arts The Impact of Microplastics on Algae (Respiration)
Superstring Tortoises Superstring Tortoises Other Virtually Reconstructing an Ancient Musical Instrument
The Secret Shadow Planets The Secret Shadow Planets Other Detecting Exoplanets Through Transits
SFP Team 1 SFP Team 1 Santa Fe Preparatory Sch Computational Hydrodynamic Analysis for Speed Maximization (CHASM)
Santa Fe Prep 2 Santa Fe Prep 2 Santa Fe Preparatory Sch A Systems Approach to Artificial Light at Night(ALAN)
Unreal Unreal St. Thomas Aquinas Spacecraft Debris Avoidance in a 3D Environment
The Mighty Ocean The Mighty Ocean (Teacher - Mr. Eric Vigil) St. Thomas Aquinas The Impact of Sharks Disappearing in the Great Barrier Reef
Truman Team One Truman Team One Truman Mid Robots on a Mission: Safeguarding Animals from Wildfire Disasters
Truman Team Two Truman Team Two Truman Mid The Sky's Watchmen: Using Drones to Safeguard Forests
Women in STEM 310 Women in STEM 310 Tucumcari High Color Detection
B.L.N.Y B.L.N.Y Tucumcari High Effects of Weight on Aircraft and Aviation