Forming a Team

Watch the video: How to Register a team

Once you have registered and been given an account on the Supercomputing Challenge webpage, click on Log In. (A human will create an account for you so it might take some time.)

Enter your username or email address and the password that you have set.

Once logged in, you can click on Teams Register

Select a name for your team, then select the team members from the list of those who have already been given accounts from your school. Use the shift key to select a sequence of names or the control key to select specific names. If you have team members from a different school, you can check the "Show additional students/teachers" box and scroll through that list. You should add your teacher to your team.

Click on "Form group"

Once a team is formed, you can click on the Members tab to see who are the team members and you can add additional team members or remove team members.


Once the entire team has registered fill out the T.E.A.F. (.docx file) (or the PDF version) — the Team Entry Authorization Form, and bring it to the Kickoff with the registration fee or mail it to the address at the bottom of the T.E.A.F. page.