New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Welcome to the 20th Annual
Supercomputing Challenge!

Congratulations Supercomputing Challenge winners

Melrose High team 99, Los Alamos High teams 65 and 70, were named 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, but read about ALL the winners of the 2009-2010 Supercomputing Challenge and see all the publicity about the event and see the pictures of the Expo and the Awards Ceremony.

The Challenge Finalist teams                                     The 25 Challenge Scholarship winners

Congratulations to the Finalist Teams

The Expo was on April 26-27, 2010

Recent publicity about the Challenge and it's participants

Tours of Sandia and UNM-CARC took place on March 8th.

Project Evaluations in February

The Project Evaluations were held at different locations around the state and went off very well with 73 teams presenting their work. Public speaking, presentation skills and presenting results are just some of the skills developed in the Supercomputing Challenge.

Interim Reports were submitted in December

Teams have submitted proposals and are now researching their projects, building their team framework, contacting consultants/mentors and developing their Interim reports.

The Kickoff Conference was held on Oct 25-26, in Sacramento, New Mexico

Check out the pictures from the Kickoff, the GUTS pictures from the Kickoff, and the school pictures from the Kickoff. (Get them to your yearbook staff.)


Over 340 students on 126 teams have registered.

Congratulations Marianne Granoff

Congratulations to Marianne Granoff, former Vice President of the Supercomputing Challenge Board of Directors, on being recognized as an outstanding New Mexico woman in technology by the New Mexico Technology Council! (Other amazing women in technology were there too.)


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