TeamID Team Name Project Name Download
AHAHS77New powerCrime Rate AnalysisDownload
ARTHS103Artesia HighEffects of ImigrationDownload
ATC50ATC-1Epidemiology SimulationDownload
ATC55atc girls teamA Safer Way to Track Forest FiresDownload
BMES204TurtlesCode versus CholeraDownload
CHS33JaguarsThe Spread of Red Imported Fire Ants Download
FHAS164Galactic FreedomThe Great CollisionDownload
GADMS113Panthers 1TB in PopulationsDownload
GADMS114panther2Rabies in Domestic Animals/ mammalsDownload
HS40STEM Excellence Academy Home SchoolWind effects on a tensile structure with a horizontal membraneDownload
JMS59Robokids101Robotics help medicineDownload
JMS60JitterbugHow The separation of water effect the spread dengue fever?Download
JMS62Jackson3Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta TrafficDownload
LAHS154CHADGravity assist for interstellar travel Download
LAHS201Free ThinkerImplementing an Artificial Neural Network to Recognize Handwritten DigitsDownload
LAHS56Lillian PetersenPredicting Food Shortages in Africa from Satellite ImageryDownload
LAHS71LAHS71RSA Based Primality TestDownload
LAHS72People from the SunHydroponic Agriculture: Commercial vs. Individual Growth in New MexicoDownload
LAMS155CLICInterpreting and Classifying MusicDownload
LLHS161LLHS 3Traffic IssuesDownload
LLHS47LLHS-1What's Missing?Download
LLHS53LLHS 3Effects of Drag in Different EnvironmentDownload
MCS158The legendsthe hole in the ozoneDownload
MCS69New World OrderTent caterpillar infestation in Carson National ForrestDownload
MDS185monte del sol dragons Spread of Herbicide through CropsDownload
MELES41Melrose ElementaryCrop Dusting ProposalDownload
MELHS19sophmores4U AppDownload
MELHS197BipolarThe State of a BipolarDownload
MELHS35aaronjonesBlood Ivory IIDownload
MELMS387th gradersThere Is No YellowDownload
MELMS45b&bSunlight Clock and CalendarDownload
MMS184mms3Habitat LossDownload
MULT61ZepherThe Farmer in the Optimum DellDownload
NFS26New FuturesReducing Corporations’ Carbon OuttakeDownload
NMSA134KrakensThe Economic Effects of Implamenting EFCADownload
PESSF118Pinon EaglesData Science for Pets in DisastersDownload
PHS73Portales RamsDiapateticsDownload
RACL83Rio Abajo Community LibraryEducation Inequalities in a Rural CommunityDownload
RMS194The SquadDronesDownload
RMS198Pump JackUnderstanding and Making a Pump JackDownload
RMS86RuidosoHow Dragon Box 2 Helps Students Learn Algebra.Download
RRCA1Rioranchocyber-1ice ice power babyDownload
SFHS109PepesThe real Bee movieDownload
SFHS162LR^2Efficient Evacuation of At-Risk PopulationsDownload
SFP67griffibytesAir Traffic ControlDownload
SJCHS166team 3Population and Cancer (Updated)Download
SJCHS167team 4Intelligence versus CognitionDownload
SJCHS168Team 5O2 As Time FliesDownload
SJCHS169Team 6Radiation Effect on FoodsDownload
SJCHS170Team 7The dangers of fireDownload
SJCHS171Team 8Facial RecognitionDownload
SJCHS172Team 9Can we cure cancer by using the fungi in sloth fur?Download
SJCHS23THE GRIFFINSConcept of Negative MassDownload
SPS128SandiaPrepHoltschulteLikelihood of Planets of Specific TypesDownload
SPS132Team 2Re-creation of the RSA algorithmDownload
SSMA48SSMAHurricane Effect on Disease TransferDownload
SVA144Ladies of scienceIdea Business for care packages-natural disastersDownload
SVA151The Awesome PossumTesting a Texting While Driving AppDownload
SVA191Lone Wolf"Maximus" TiresDownload
SVAHS174SVAHS-team aeffects of foods with varying oils and saltsDownload
SVAHS175SVAHS-team bInvestigating pothole trafficDownload
THS116ZakJenKinDisaster SimulatorDownload
THS131Concurrent Concussion ReductionThe Dangers of CTEDownload
THS203wiitangclanTune the FireDownload
THS31Modeling Straw Mulch in Taos Agriculture Download
UBMS187Going ViralViral infectionDownload
YWiC163ywic1007Our project is about bacteria and vaccines.Download
YWIC165YWic-2How can we reduce Global Warming.Download