Traffic Model

Team: 4

School: Albuquerque High

Area of Science: Civil Engineering

Interim: Problem: Reducing fossil fuel emissions is a problem that my generation needs to address, and one way is to create more efficient roadways. By creating more efficient roadways, cars can ideally get to their destinations faster, and using less fuel. By optimising a model of roadways, one can hopefully learn methods to optimize roads in real life and in our city. I am building my model in Netlogo which is where I plan to visualize, and collect data.

Solution: Create a traffic model and set up a simulation of a road system. Then, test variables and see how they affect various types of efficiency. These variable would things such as number of lanes, timing of lights, car driving behavior, and more.

Progress: I am working of the model of traffic. I have made an algorithm to build roads from point a to b. I have programmed car objects that have many data points such at speed and distance. The cars follow the road without bugs and i have coded intersections with stop lights. My program can be expanded to multiple lane traffic and into a large road system. I still need to work on intersection creation and behavior.

Expected Results: I am interested where different types of efficiency overlap and where they are separate. I expect that efficiency in fuel economy and distance traveled will overlap quite a bit in how they are achieved, but less so with total time on the road. Optimizing light timing and making road one way will increase efficiency overall I expect.

Team: Rishi Yang
Albuquerque High

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  Rishi Yang

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