The Color Yellow

Team: 42

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: physiology

Interim: Team Number: 42 School Name: Melrose High School
The Color Yellow
Problem Definition:
Our team has always been interested in artistic types of activities, and this year we have decided to do an art project because of this interest that we have. The project we are eager to present is related to how individuals perceive the color yellow. We chose yellow because it is easily created on a monitor, but there are no actual yellow spots on a screen. This will be done by combining the pixels of Red, Green, and Blue (RGB). Slight modifications of these primary color percentages can produce perceptible changes, and some changes that are hard to notice. We will discuss how different age and genders distinguish the color yellow based upon how the color yellow is produced on a computer screen.

Problem Solutions:
Our team is planning on using the NetLogo program for the model we are producing for the year. The model we are making will be split into four quadrants. Out of the four quadrants’ that will be produced, three of the quadrants will be exactly identical, while the fourth one will be slightly different than the others. For the model we will have a human subject that will watch the computer screen to see if they can perceive that difference, if it is not noticeable the screen will change the color more and more until the subject can perceive that difference. The amount of change in RGB values will be recorded, along with accuracy percentages for that subject.

Progress to Date:
On the NetLogo program we are able to change the screen color and have an interface for a user to make their selections based on what each individual sees and doesn’t see. The human subject will answer a few simple personalized questions before taking the test, to determine the different answers they choose from, which will be from the people who will willingly take this test. We will have to get an authorization sheet from ENMU since we will be working with human subjects and personalized information of each individual.

Expected Results:
The results we expect to have on our project would be is that we are hoping to see if there is a statistical difference between our participants based on the criteria of these who will be taking the test. The model could be very useful in a few different occupations which could include fashion design, military, or any graphic design issue.
Team Members: Ashlyn Hill, Marilyn Lopez

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology written by Martini Nath Eighth Edition, book
This is not yellow by Vsauce, YouTube video

Team Members:

  Anjalina Sanchez
  marilyn lopez
  Ashlyn Hill

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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