Cancer Connections

Team: 43

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Disease Philosology

Interim: Team Number-43
School Name – Melrose High School
Project Title - Cancer Connections Area of Science – Disease Philology
Interim Report
Problem Definition:
This year our team decided to start a project about lung cancer. One reason we decided to choose this topic is because it a growing problem in this day and age. Also, second hand smoking is a rising problem in this generation of children. In fact, one of our team member’s siblings has been affected by lung cancer.
We are going to set up a model on agents going around their normal environment such as work, home, and the hospital. The adults will get affected by how much they smoke a day and on where they work. The work facility may have carcinogens. The children will be affected by the smoke and asbestos from the adults when they come home.
Problem Solution:
In our program we are going to be using NetLogo. We are using NetLogo because we have been using it since we have joined the Supercomputing Challenge. The model will show that people and children traveling from home and work. Depending on how much they smoke and where they work it will change their risk of getting lung cancer. If the person’s health gets too bad they will go to the hospital to maybe decrease the risk of getting lung cancer.
Progress to date:
The progress that our team has done so far is setting up the basics of the program. We have created the background, homes, buildings, and the hospital. We have also got the agents (people) assigned homes and work destinations.

Expected Results:
We expect to further expand our model in greater detail. We would like to put a time output to keep track when agents are at work and when they go home. We would also like to visualize the person’s health throughout their lifespan. We hope to continue this project until it is as “life-like” as possible in ways such as movement, proportions, and actual cancer rates.
Citations – Book –Fundamentals of anatomy & Physiology Eighth Edition, Pearson Benjamin Cummings, 2010
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Personal interview – Lenny Dean
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Team Members – Brody McAlister, Rylie Bailey, Nathanial Flores
Sponsoring Teacher – Alan Daughtery

Team Members:

  Brody McAlister
  Nathaniel Flores
  Rylie Bailey

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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