Crop-Dust We Must, take 2

Team: 48

School: Melrose Middle

Area of Science: Environmental

Interim: Team members: Heidi Macfarlane, Harvey Peacock, and Eoghan Knight
This project is a continuation of a crop-dusting project our team completed last year. The title was “Crop-Dust We Must” It modeled how crop dusting works and had situations that you could change. In addition, we showed the different types of chemicals and the wind speed and how it affects the spray. We will modify the model to deal with the most important pests such as weeds and insects that are harmful to the crops. The screen will have a simulation of how crop –dusting works and how it effects the surrounding area. The modeling screen will have a road, homes, and fields, tumbleweeds that show the wind speed and direction, and a crop-duster airplane and sprays chemicals from a nozzle that connects to a tank of chemicals. To the side of the simulator model are sliders, number counts, and buttons that control everything in the simulation. This simulator will model different situations and how to deal with certain problems to improve the crops in the farmers’ fields.

We know that there are harmful types of Insects ruining different types of crop in fields in farmland, but the crop duster sprays more than the farming land. You have to use a crop duster to spray the chemical type of your choice with using the given number of choices.

Plan to solve:
What chemicals will affect the plant life, the animal life, and what is most efficient in killing the insects? This answer will help with agricultural farming and maintaining the land to benefit you and your crops. shows the program the basics of aerodynamics and how the chemicals react to the level of the plane and also the wind. This extends your knowledge with all types of different chemicals, insects, and plants that are unwanted.
Progress to date:
We have most of the sliders, buttons, and number counts needed to control and show the simulator. We also need to code in the different types of weeds and insects.
Expected results:
The screen will look like a sky view of fields, homes, dirt and paved black roads with different insects on fields. Button and sliders will control what happens on the screen.

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Team Members:

  Harvey Peacock
  Heidi Macfarlane
  Eoghan Knight

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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