Detecting Shockwaves with AI

Team: 5

School: Barranca Mesa Elementary

Area of Science: Artificial Intelligence

Interim: Overview
In this project, I want to learn how to code a program to detect shock waves using artificial intelligence (AI). The problem that I want to solve is finding a way to make the code as efficient as possible while still being super sensitive and still working as intended. The reason I picked this topic is because I wanted to do something with coding and AI. I think 2,500 training iterations will be the best number of times to train the AI algorithm. The reason I think this is a good number is because 2,500 won’t take a long time to run in the code and it would give it a lot of training iterations. My hypothesis for the best number of training iteration is from previous times running the AI coding and knowledge of the code. I am hoping to learn more about coding and AI from this project.

Progress to date
A python AI code was written and has been run. Plots of the data and results have been made.

My conclusion is that my hypothesis is wrong. The optimal number of training iterations was 5,000, not 2,500.


Nathaniel Morgan

Team Members:

  Andrew Morgan

Sponsoring Teacher: NA

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