Team: 54

School: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy

Area of Science: Physiologically

Interim: What’s your project about?
Well our project is an A.I. that is a counselor and it will be able to detect what you have and will be accessible to anyone and if you can’t find a good counselor it will take care of that because it will adjust to how you like it and it see if you have a disorder. This can help people that don’t like to talk to people this A.I. can be whatever it would like it to be (In reason of course) This A.I. is going to help so many people when we start to make the code

How do you plan to solve this problem?
How I plan to solve the problem of not finding a good counselor is with this little guy right here is going to solve this problem once we get code started he will a just to your needs and based on your test or whatever you told it the A.I. It will adapt to your needs. This will also help with cost and no insurance because of 1. You don’t have to pay different fees for it but you do pay for it once and 2. Insurance is not needed to use this because it is not getting paid.

What progress have you made to this point?
The progress I have made on this project is a lot of research. Some of our research we did at home and I will give only some of the information because if I tell a lot about it that defeats the purpose of presenting. So some information is 6.7% of adult Americans are diagnosed with some type of depression or mental disorder. The mortality rate of depression is 17.6 million people commit suicide and with thus A.I. we wanna help that make it under 100,000 cases or less. All links that we got this form will be on the bottom of this report but we found a test that will help for testing our patient to see what they have. We will make a google form so that we can see their responses based on the questions. Some info is there is a thing called woe bot and it is an app that talks to you. And to help better understand your personality (that helps when trying to see what you would like on the screen) we even will offer a personality test.

What results are you expecting?
Well, some results we expect is that it will help people who can’t find a good counselor this will help a lot and it’s way inexpensive and a cheaper approach so this might be popular if we were to dedicate our time to produce as a company or something. This has bee our interim report and when we present you will probably get to see what we have created. I hope you like it and yeah see you in Albuquerque

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Team Members:

  Diego romero
  Alberto Castaneda
  joaquin salazar

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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