Comparing The Strength of Crystals

Team: 7

School: Capital High

Area of Science: Physics

Interim: Team Number: 7
School Name: Capital High School
Area of Science: Physics
Project Title: Comparing The Strength of crystals
Problem Definition: Destiny
Salt is a common household substance that is used in many different ways, mostly cooking. The salt crystal has a solid structure that is durable in strength to a certain degree of temperature and force. The iron crystal structure is much more durable and used to uphold its structure in many environmental tests. By looking at, and by modeling, the structure of salt and iron, we will be able to identify what the differences in their structures are and how that can contribute to each of their strengths. Our goal is to make a model of the salt crystal structure that has the same durability as Iron.

Problem Solution: Hansel
We are basing our projects on research and trying to model the structure of salt to the structure of iron and see what makes each structure a more durable form. To do this we will test the models using different environmental properties and or factors such as; the melting points, of both the iron and salt crystals and the durability of the crystals. We will be using the program NetLogo to visualize the model of the crystals on both durability and temperature that dissolves or melt both crystals.

Progress to Date: Destiny
As of now we have researched and compared the crystals and have identified their strengths and weaknesses. Many of the iron crystals we find have a cube shape figure and the crystals lattice. Which the iron will have a melting point of 1,093℃. We also found that iron will not dissolve, compare to the salt crystal. But also included the electronegativity, which measures the number of electrons that bound the crystals, more specifically, the atom itself. Water has little effect on Iron, over time the iron will rusts. Many of the salt crystals we find have the same lattice cubed shaped figure and has a melting point of 800.8° C. Salt dissolves in water fairly quickly which may help us understand the meaning of how the crystals form from a higher temperature.

Expected Results: Michael
We expect to manipulate salts form turning it into a structure that is equivalent to the strength of iron. We will visualize the content that is inside the crystal, by an up-close zoom to the crystal. We expect to see that the salt will be able to uphold its structure in different environmental factors. And can withhold many of the actual destructive tests we will be experimenting with. We will also expect that the crystals will not affect its composition, staying the same if it is possible.

Team Members: Destiny Rose Erickson, Hansel Fernando Chavez, and Michael Angelo Montano

Sponsoring Teacher: Irina Cislaru

Mentoirs: None

Team Members:

  Destiny Erickson
  Michael Montano
  Hansel Chavez

Sponsoring Teacher: Irina Cislaru

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