Exploring with Cellular Automata

Team: 74

School: Sarracino Mid

Area of Science: Biology

Interim: Team: 74
School: Sarracino Middle School
Project: Exploring with Cellular Automata

Our project is about cellular automata (automaton). We are trying to find a seed using the game of life algorithm to create a drawing illustrated by a student.
According to Wolfram Mathworld, the definition cellular automata is “a cellular automaton is a collection of "colored" cells on a grid of specified shape that evolves through a number of discrete time steps according to a set of rules based on the states of neighboring cells. The rules are then applied iteratively for as many time steps as desired.” For example cellular automata can be the pattern of leafs or geometrical shapes on a grid.


We will use Python programming language to write our program to create a collection of colored cells on a grid for our illustration, as there are a number of modules in Python that we can utilize. We will use the Game of Life to create a model of a student's drawing. According to Wolfram Mathworld, “The game of life is a two-dimensional cellular automaton, implementation on a computer that greatly increases the ease of exploring patterns.
Cellular automaton is run by placing a number of filled cells on a two-dimensional grid. Each generation then switches cells on or off depending on the state of the cells that surround it. The rules are defined as follows; All eight of the cells surrounding the current one are checked to see if they are on or not. Any cells that are on are counted, and this count is then used to determine what will happen to the current cell.” We will use these rules to create a two-dimensional cellular automaton that represents an illustration drawn by a student.


We have found out that cellular automata is dividing cells and that Conway's Game of Life is a set of rules that say whether a cell is alive or dead, each cell depends on the state of its neighboring cells. We have watched other students program using python. And we would like to use Python to code our program for cellular automata. At the supercomputing challenge kick-off We learned how to program in Net logo. We also learned how to program an SSH key. An SSH key is used so that you say that whatever device you used as a trusted device so you don't have to put in your password every time you get on it.


Our computer model will be based on reversible cellular automata. We will begin with an end state (picture drawn by student) and determine a seed state (initial state) by stepping backwards through each stage. We will determine the previous parentheses color print copies of each cell by looking at the (color) of the cells surrounding it.


Team Members:Sky Sessions and Elena Prieto
Team Sponsors: Theresa Apodaca, Lauri Capps
Team Mentors: Alec Benson and Amy Knowles

Team Members:

  Elena Prieto
  Sky Sessions
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Sponsoring Teacher: Theresa Apodaca

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