Doctors Assistant Program

Team: 83

School: Taos High

Area of Science: Medical

Interim: Problem Definition:
In multiple medical fields, misdiagnosis is an ongoing issue when treating patients. The rate of misdiagnosis stems from the Practitioner or other involved medical professionals. According the The Washington Post, “More than 20 percent of patients who sought a second opinion at one of the nation’s premier medical institutions had been misdiagnosed by their primary care providers, according to new research published” Bernstein, Lenny. “20 Percent of Patients with Serious Conditions Are First Misdiagnosed, Study Says.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 4 Apr. 2017. Misdiagnosis is ever present even the top medical facilities.
Problem Solution:
Using computer programs that can record the patient’s symptoms and send a report to the doctor along with possible diagnoses to the set of symptoms to limit human error. The program will have a text box or buttons for inputting in symptoms noticed by the patient. It would be proficient to gain 6-8 symptoms and sort them into demographics of: Possible, Probable, Likely and Definite.If a the program suspects the inputted responses are a medical emergency, then the program will notify the ER, for immediate medical attention. This method allows doctors to incentivize which patients to treat and visit before others. Allowing
Progress to Date:
Our team has recently created the base filing system to sort ailments into levels of likelihood depending on the amount of matching symptoms inputted by the patient. Our research team has begun researching our first disease to be implemented, a lower respiratory infection. Further research will look into: diseases, injuries, infections, organ health, muscle spasms, and other common ailments. The programming team has been familiarizing themselves with the commands necessary to structure the program. They have also begun creating the interface after school. Our team is working steadily on the program.
Expected Results:
After we input as many ailments as possible our group intentends to work on the interface making it as user friendly and accessible as possible. Once we our satisfied with the interface we intent to test our program with trials concerning “test people” conceived by the research team. The Test Persons will have a set disease and the program will approximate when given usable symptoms and few outlying inputs. Testing will continue until the final program is due, we intent to make the tests progress in difficulty. The tests will help us patch and evolve our project, our research paper will contain info about our ailments and how diagnosis can lead to proficient treatment.
Team Members: Cyrus O’Hern, Sylar Spriggs, Henry Tosta, Sawyer Solfest, James Ryan Cox
Sponsoring Teacher: Tracy Galligan

Team Members:

  James Ryan Cox
  Skylar Spriggs
  Henry Tosta
  Sawyer Solfest
  Cyrus O'Hern

Sponsoring Teacher:

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