Team: 85

School: Technology Leadership High

Area of Science: Computer science

Interim: Schools: Technology Leadership High School
Area of Science: Computer science.
Project Title: Setting up NUCS
Mentors: Victor Kuhns, Kayel Goatcher, Drew Einhorn
Sponsor Teacher: Karen Glennon, Sharee Lunsford, Patty Meyer
Team Members: Reyanna Gutierrez-Fromme

The project is to set up an Intel NUC. As I learn linux Victor shows me how to apply what I am learning to start the NUCs. We are setting the NUC up based off what Victor calls the golden NUC. Basically this NUC is already set up and functioning.We are planning to get the NUCs working so another team can use them to run their code for their project.

What is a NUC
The letters NUC stand for Next Unit in Computing. The NUC is a small box shaped computer that is only about 5 inches wide and stands about an inch tall. The power of the NUC will vary based on which model you use. Most if not all NUCs have windows on them but you are able to remove that and set them up with other operating systems. The NUCs carry a better processor then what you can get with your laptop. They use technology that allows them to be small but also fast.

Progress to date
Using VirtualBox I have been practicing linux coding. I also had to setup the virtual machine for VirtualBox. The set up for the Virtual machine is almost exactly the same as starting the NUCs. From there I worked on Kayel’s lab for intro to linux to learn basic commands to use. When I finished the lab Victor had me go through it a few times and has me “teach” it to him. While I was working on the lab Victor gave me different things to research and practice at home. We have started getting into the set up of the NUCs as well. We have moved CentOS onto the NUC. After getting the needed information onto the NUCs we started creating a Yum repository. The Yum repo is a “command file management utility for RPM-based linux”. (Top 5 Yum Repositories for CentOS/RHEL 7/6/5). This will allow us to install and use programs such as
Dhcp and tftp.

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Team Members:

  Reyanna Gutierrez-Fromme

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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