Steps to participate in the Supercomputing Challenge

  1. Read the Invitation to Participate in the Supercomputing Challenge.
    Teachers, print and post the Invitation Flyer or add your name and room number to Word version for students to contact you.
  2. Understand the A.U.P. — the Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. Register Online (between September 1st and September 20th)

  4. Before registering a team, all of the team members should have registered individually. Up to five students can be on a team.
  5. Choose a computational science project.
  6. Bring in the T.E.A.F. (.pdf file)— the Team Entry Authorization Form, along with the $40/student participation fee, to the Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff or mail it to the address at the bottom of the T.E.A.F. page.
  7. There is a $40 participation fee due for each student participating in the Supercomputing Challenge. Include with the T.E.A.F.
  8. Students, fill out the Pre-Challenge Survey.
  9. Learn about the Kickoff Conference — the activities, rules, and expectations. (coming soon)
  10. Prepare your Proposal — you must bring one with you to the kickoff.
  11. Look into the Future by browsing through the important dates.

See the Supercomputing Challenge's Privacy Policy statement.