Call in the Wild: Determining an Effective Method for finding Parties Using Computer Modeling

Team: 17

School: Everest Academy

Area of Science: Mathematics-Probability

Interim: Team #17 Interim Report
The Problem
The project I have chosen is to solve the dilemma hunters face, whether to stay in place while hunting or to move around. My research project is applicable to the real world with the parallel of search and rescue operations, such as with a downed pilot, where a short-range two-way communication or a beacon is involved.

Computational Plan
In order to solve this, I am modeling the movement of the elk, as well as how far the sound of the hunter’s call will travel. I will be using NetLogo to model all of it.

I have used Water and Woods, Game and Fish Mag, and the Elk Hunter’s Guide to find information on the habits and behaviors of elk. I have also asked my father, an experienced hunter for his experiences with elk. I have contacted Reel Game Calls, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to both find additional resources as well as any additional information they can provide. I have had several meetings with my mentor to discuss my progress, as well as becoming more familiar with NetLogo. The majority of my time I have allocated to my project has been spent researching elk and elk behaviors.
As the model becomes more and more sophisticated, I will add more variables to better simulate a real world encounter. I anticipate that there will be no particular difference between stationary or moving behaviors on the hunter’s part, but variables such as terrain and visibility will be the largest factors. The particulars of the model are not the real world applicable part, but how each involved party will react to changes in environment, such as steeper hills, denser foliage, or reduced visibility or audible range due to wind, rain, or fog, would aid in creating even more intelligent search and rescue operations.

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Team Members:

  Jacob Edington

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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