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Team: 2

School: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Area of Science: Statistics

Interim: Problem Definition:
The ongoing global pandemic has been the cause for massive economic decline in the United States. It has been left up to individual states to determine the enforcement of their own policies and restrictions. It is vital to the well being of the American economy to analyze and understand the effects of those policies. Increased unemployment rates, higher poverty rates, and further instances of starvation contribute to the need for a sufficient comprehension of the pandemic’s widespread repercussions. Moreover, the consequences of state politics have historically been an integral issue in the United States. The circumstances of the pandemic have introduced a new perception of state powers and thus a new way to interpret related data.

Problem Solution:
An analysis of a company’s sales in various states before and during the pandemic will be performed. This will determine the potential impacts of state politics and their COVID guidelines on economic production. The political leanings of each state have been decided by their results in the 2020 Presidential Election, as it is a very recent indication. After understanding the relationship between state policies and economies, the written program will be able to determine the most likely state that inputted data belongs to based on observed trends. It will also provide a projection for economic decay, depending on the state. These factors will collectively act as a solution to the general lack of comprehension of the sudden decline in the economy.

Current Progress:
We have gathered all of the necessary data to write and execute the program. Event Rental Systems, a local software company, has supplied state-by-state classifications of its sales. The data is divided by year, with 2019 numbers representing pre-COVID conditions and 2020 statistics being current. We have also created a plan for writing our program by making use of database functionality in Python. The preparation for the project is fully complete, paving the way for the coding to begin. Outside research on the COVID pandemic and the politics behind it has also been conducted to contribute to the viability and credibility of the project. Extensive background knowledge seemed to be necessary before directly addressing the coding of the program.

Expected Results:
It is expected that more conservative states will yield higher economic production while left-leaning states will more likely prioritize increased restrictions, though there will almost certainly be outliers. The main goal of the program will be to shed light on the economic discrepancy between the two primary political parties, particularly during a pandemic. It is expected that the gaining of these results will lead to a more effective understanding of the American economy.

Team Members:
Isabelle Weinstein, Koltin Burnam
Sponsoring Teacher:
AnnNet Delaney

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Team Members:

  Isabelle Weinstein
  Koltin Burnam

Sponsoring Teacher: AnnNet Delaney

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