STEM Reforestation Nation

Team: 43

School: Harrison Mid

Area of Science: biology

Interim: Problem Definition:
The problem is that too many trees are being cut down (deforestation). Our project is to look at possible solutions which include: stopping too many trees from being cut down, planting new trees to replace what is cut down, and investigating how to protect the trees from loggers by limiting the amount they cut down. We think we want to find out trees are most important to cut down and to regrow.

Problem Solution:
We will use NetLogo to build our computational model to find a solution. We plan to find a model which we can use as a base to start coding which will show the rate different types and amounts of trees planted add oxygen to the atmosphere.

Progress to Date:
We have started to research trees online. We have looked at the fire model to see if it would work as a base. Our plan next is to start learning how to change the code on a model to use it as a base for our project.

Expected Results:
We are split in our expectations. Half of us think the model will demonstrate that the type of tree planted will be more important because some trees don’t grow some places. The other half of us think that the amount of trees planted will be more important because it’s better to have more trees to get more oxygen and to have a variety of species.

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Team Members:

  Vincent Rider
  Chidire Emma-Asonye
  Frances Emma-Asonye

Sponsoring Teacher: Caia Brown

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