Ocean Pollution

Team: 45

School: Harrison Mid

Area of Science: Earth Science

Interim: Team Number: 45
Team Members: Elian Diaz, Erik Gonzalez, Homero Rascon, Victor Gonzalez Espinoza, Daisy Ordonez, Adamaris Hernandes, Dominic Mata
Sponsor Name: Ms. Palmer, Ms. Brown, Ms. Campbell, Jack Ingalls
Science Focus: Earth Science
2020-2021 NM SuperComputing Challenge Interim Report
Project Title: Ocean Pollution
Problem Definition:
Ocean life is in danger for our plastic habit and our goal is to fix that by helping to get rid of plastic. The problem is that oceans are very polluted and because of that sea animals are dying. The project we are doing is how much ocean pollution a human causes vs how much ocean pollution oil spills does.
Problem Solution:
We believe a solution to this problem would be to get most if not all the plastic out of the ocean. We want to use NetLogo to build a model that will show how humans littering and oil rigs spilling affects ocean life. How much, How often, How far a human litters.
Progress to Date:
We have done some research to find websites that might have info for us. We have looked at example NetLogo models and picked one to use as a base for our own model, We decided to look at how much, how often, and how far people littering and oil rigs spilling happen in the ocean.
Expected Results:
We expect that human pollution will be worse than oil rigs pollution and will affect ocean life more.


Net logo
Arcadia blog /https://blog.arcadia.com/15-proven-ways
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NOAA https://research.noaa.gov/article/ArtMID/587/ArticleID/2477/NOAA -is-developing-underwater-robots-to-map-measure-toxicity-of-Great-Lakes-algal-blooms
Raleigh https://raleighnc.gov/SupportPages/6-ways-prevent-water-pollution

Team Members:

  Elian Diaz Erives
  Daisy Ordonez
  Homero Rascon
  Dominic Mata
  Victor Gonzalez
  adamaris hernandez

Sponsoring Teacher: Caia Brown

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