CoVID Vixens

Team: 46

School: Albuquerque High

Area of Science: Epidemiology

Interim: Team Number: 46
Team Members: Ambrosia Moraga, Sayra Medrano, Joylissa Rodriguez
Sponsor Name: Caia Brown, Rebecca Campbell, Ryan Palmer
Science Focus Area: Epidemiology
2020-2021 NM SuperComputing Challenge Interim Report
Project Title: Considerations that Factor into the Speed of CoVID Spread

Problem Definition:
The question we are asking is: would these considerations change how fast or slow the CoVID virus spread around the country? The problem is that people are not following lockdown procedures when ordered. However, this may be because they can’t afford to or can’t access the appropriate tools. Our project is to show that if everyone is wearing effective masks it will result in less people getting sick.
Problem Solution:
We are using NetLogo to find a code to use as a base for our model. We believe a solution will be for effective masks to be given to everyone so that they can all follow governor orders.
Progress to Date:
So far, we have identified the basic agents and attributes we would like to address. We have also chosen a model in NetLogo to work with. We have also started learning how to code, which we are enjoying. We have learned how to comment code out and how to add sliders. We also learned how to edit the code itself, inside the brackets, to change the agents and attributes so we have people with masks in our model.
Expected Results:
Our team expects that we will be able to successfully modify our code to create a working model. We are split in our group over whether we expect to find that our model will show that it’s more important for more people to wear masks or that it will show that it’s more important that people wear more effective masks.


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Team Members:

  Ambrosia Moraga
  Joylissa Rodriguez

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Campbell

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