Team: 48

School: Los Alamos High

Area of Science: computer science

Interim: Mastermind project of guessing logic. Player 1 guesses the code created by player 2. Player 2 then judges the code round by round with a series of pins until player 1 guesses the code correctly.

As of December 18th I have completed the following:
Made the random number generator (mastermind code)
Made a guessing system

I still need to do the following:

Make a guessing strategy system
Make another guessing strategy system (depending on how much time I have left)
Test the strategy
Run the project and double check any bugs
Prepare a presentation

I am confident I can complete the challenge. It won’t be easy but I have a plan for how I can finish in a timely manner. I will complete the steps under the “I still need to do” header in that order and will finish the challenge. That is the plan.

Team Members:

  Grafton Urbatsch

Sponsoring Teacher: NA

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