Team: 49

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Group Dynamics


Road Race

Melrose High School December 2020

Isabelle Sena , Jaryn Bruce, Xavier Mondragon Problem Statement

Our project is about traffic in Melrose and how students go about getting food for lunch, at our local restaurants Allsup’s and Dales. The aim of the model is to find out the quickest and safest travel time from the school parking lot to get lunch and return. We are going to make a simulation of our town in the form of a game. In our interface we have located all the roads, parking lots, and main significant areas in our town. We created the roads by creating an agent of sorts to walk in a straight line, as they walk, they change the color of the ground below them. These lines that they make resemble the roads in our town.

Computational Model

Our model is intended to look like an aerial view of our hometown Melrose, New Mexico. We are going to make playable cars in which you can control the direction they move through the keyboard. We will include stop signs where you will have to stop in a police vehicle’s line of sight, or you will have to restart. We want our program to be both a simulation and a game to play. We are using NetLogo as our programming language.

Progress to Date

We have decided to do this project to help the drivers from Melrose High find the fastest and safest way to lunch. We have located most of the stop signs and the yield signs around the town. We have also timed the distance from the school parking lot to Allsups and the time it takes to get to dales under different conditions. Daniel is our main person who creates the codes while Jaryn and Isabelle do research and find other ways to improve the project.

Expected Results

What we are expecting out of this project is to find the most efficient way to get to lunch and back to the school daily. There are many ways and different scenarios that can happen when going to lunch. A few are going down main street and either getting on the highway or taking the side roads to either Allsups or Dales. Another might be taking the cemetery road to Dales. A slower path could be going in front of the high school doors and hitting all the stop signs along the way towards Allsups.

Next Steps

Our next step is to code in the cars and begin working on making it as realistic as we can. We are excited to start putting in the cars and figuring out the mechanics on them. We are also going to figure out how to direct the police cars to the cars that pass stop signs. Another thing we are going to do is make it times to where you must get to lunch and back in a certain amount of time. We also are about to start setting up the cars, the model library for net logo has some examples on how to do this. This includes “ask patches [setup- road] setup-cars, watch sample-car, reset ticks. There are some interesting things that we are going to try with the cars such as acceleration and decelerations. Other than that, we are also trying our best to make this model the best we can by adding more color and detail. Overall, we still have a lot of work to do but we have many ideas on how to make it as accurate as possible.


We have interviewed a fellow student from Melrose high school on their favorite and most preferred

route to Allsups. They said, “My favorite route to Allsups is going down main street and turning

before I get on the highway because it scares me.” We also asked them what their preferred route to Dales would be. In which they said,” I like taking main street as well, and then taking the highway.”

A website that we are using to help us out on the traffic flow is This site gave

us some information we can use.

NetLogo Models Library: Traffic Programs.

Team Members:

  Xavier Mondragon
  isabelle sena
  Jaryn Bruce

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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