Fire Rescue

Team: 59

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Computer Science

Interim: Problem Statement: Our Project is a game where you, the player, get to become a firefighter and save children from a burning school. While going through the school, the player will have to avoid the fire and rescue the children from different room. Be careful, if the firefighter runs into the fire to many times the game will be over, and you will have to restart. If the player succeeds with rescuing all the children from the fire the player wins the game.

Computational Model: The project, that our team has coded, is a game where the player plays as a firefighter that must save the children from the burning school. The player will start in front of a building that has a fire that will slowly spread and move around throughout the school. The player will have to move the firefighter through the school and save the children from the fire that can cause your firefighter damage.

Progress to Date: We have coded it where the player, AKA the firefighter, starts outside of the school. We have also coded it so that the children are in different rooms and run around. We have it so that the firefighter and the children cannot run through walls and the fire can continue to grow. We added buttons to start the game, generate the background, and to restart the game. The only way that the firefighter and children can move from room to room is by going through a different color part of the wall which is the “door.” The world also does not wrap around the entire world so that the fire dose not continuously move around the world. We have also given the children and the firefighter custom looks. We have designed the firefighters look like they have yellow and red firefighter suits. The children have blue jeans and a red shirt.

Items to Work on Next: Things that we are working on to fix with the project is that we are working on finding the proper codes to have the fire fighter move around and to have the fire spread and cause damage to the player. We are also trying to find time to come up to the school to get help on the project, this is because we have multiple team members who are from different schools and towns, which makes it hard to schedule. Although we are having these problems, which we are working on, we have done a lot for the project.

Expected Results: We are expecting that the project will be functional. It may not have all the extra details added into the program, but we believe that we can get it to work in the way it was supposed to be made for.

Citation: We have gotten my information from the Net Logo dictionary, , We also used examples from the Net Logo program models to get more information on codes I was uncertain about, , We used the example videos Mr. D put up on his wisdom page, and finally we asked Mr. D to help me with my program when we got stuck on finding the right codes.

Team Members:

  Evelyn Garrett
  Paityn Nicholson
  Nash Martin

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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