2020-21 Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff

The virtual Kickoff was held on Saturday, Oct 3rd from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, using the Hopin platform. Watch the Opening Welcome Session. See links below for recordings and class material from the Kickoff sessions.

Keynote Sophia Sanchez-Maes

Sophia Sanchez-Maes      Biography:

Sophia is a Graduate Student, Ford Foundation Graduate Fellow, and National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University. She is an alumni of the Supercomputing Challenge. Read about Sophia on the NASA Summer Research Student page.

Watch Sophia's keynote address

Overview of the Kickoff Conference

Conference Sessions

Introduction to NetLogo, Track A

The students who participate in this session typically are Pre-Algebra students and have little to no experience in Netlogo coding.

NetLogo with geospatial, Track B

This session is for students who have taken Algebra 1 and have some experience in NetLogo programming.

Introduction to Python, Track C

This session is for students who have some experience with at least one programming language.

Data Science with Python, Track D

This session is for students who have at least Pre-Calculus math level and have some experience with at least one programming language and/or have participated in the Challenge for multiple years.

Teacher Session

This session is for teachers to familiarize themselves with the Supercomputing Challenge year and milestones.

Broaden Your Knowledge sessions

Ten different sessions to choose from in two time slots.

Speaker Biographies


Remember that Supercomputing Challenge teams need to submit a Proposal prior to the Kickoff. See proposal guidelines.

Be sure you have registered for the Supercomputing Challenge, submitted a TEAF and paid the registration fee.

Class Materials

Class materials


Check out the pictures from the Kickoff.

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