Guidelines For Choosing and Evaluating a Project

When choosing a project for the Challenge, one of the most important considerations is that it be something that can be done in the short time of the program. Projects are judged on overall quality and the progress made by the team during the competition year. It is important to submit a project that is complete.

When examining projects, the judges consider the scientific content; the effectiveness of the computational approach; the creativity, innovation, and initiative shown in developing and carrying out the project; and the clarity of the presentation of the work. The following list of questions can be used as a guide when considering potential projects.

Scientific Content

When describing the scientific content of the proposed research, carefully consider the following:

Effectiveness of the Computational Approach

Will your project be seen as effective in the following ways:

Workable? – Unworkable solutions may be interesting but are of no value from a practical point of view.

Economically Feasible? – Supercomputers make computational tasks feasible that once were not so. Have you evaluated this aspect of your project?


Does the project show creativity and originality in:

In the programming of the software, you should clearly distinguish between cleverness and a genuine contribution. An ingenious approach may not be the most efficient way to solve a problem if it is not acceptable to potential users, or if it is unreliable in the way it functions.