Choose a Mentor
A mentor can be someone local or you can collaborate online.  Below is a script to help you talj with a possible mentor.  Keep a record of all communication with your mentor.  Take notes on calls, meetings, emails.
Etiquette First
Possible Script for Initial Mentor contact
Hello, my name is ________________________and I am a student at ________________________.
We have read (name or number of articles)______________on (topic___________________________.
We are  interested in (topic)__________________________and under the guideance of my sponsoring teacher,  we are looking
for help with (research, math modeling, and or programming)_________________________________.
We have a few questions that we need answered.
We realize that you are busy, but I'm hoping that you can take time to work with my team

Wait for a response from scientist.
If s(he) yes, then proceed.  Be sure to write down questions and answers. 
If s(he) says no, then ask for another contact they might know. Ask for the person's contact information
______________________________________(Lab, business, school or organization)
Then, thank them. Tell them you appreciate their help.
If we have any questions, could we call, write or email you?
Thanks for you time and expertise.

Taken from Inquiry Facilitators' The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Started with Classroom Reasearch, 2004