Final Report Guidelines

This page contains information about format, content, and how to submit your final report. Another page is provided to offer assistance writing your final report.

Every team is required to submit an electronic copy of the final report preferably as a PDF file (teamXX-final-report.pdf).

Your report should focus on your project rather than on the experiences of your team. The report must show that you conducted a scientific investigation, obtained results, and arrived at some conclusions. Be sure to include the following:

Be sure to follow the rules that govern the submittal of final reports so that your team is not disqualified. Please keep a copy of your report in case any problems arise in delivering it or copying it for the judges.

You will also need to bring a copy of your report to the Expo when you do your presentation for the judges. Please follow these guidelines for your report:

Include a cover page in your final report with the following information: your project name, team number, school, team members, sponsoring teacher, and project mentor.

This sample cover page shows you what information you should give and how you should arrange it. When you prepare your cover page, you will change the words shown in italic type face to the proper information for your team and project.

Carefully check your final report for spelling and typographical errors.