Can visuals affect the way people experience

Team: 32

School: Justice Code/International/Harrison

Area of Science: Sound

Interim: Problem Definition:
So, Our problem here was figuring out whether visuals affect the way people experience sound/music. The reason that we came up with this project idea was that I’m really into music and I wanted to make that into a project idea, so I brought it to my team and it turned out to be what we're working on right now! Along with this goal, we’re also trying to create visuals that will go with the music we’ll be presenting. The visuals have to line up with the sound that we’re creating, so we still have a lot of work to do.

Problem Solution:
Now, if we wanted to find the solution to this problem we were going to need to do research. At first, our team was going to do tests on the people that would let us, but then we realized that we could just look at the studies that other people did on this topic. In one study they used a machine called an FMRI scan. It was used to look at how their brain was responding to the music that was being played to them. The scientists played 5 different types of music, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Chinese Music, and Dubstep. In conclusion, their response to the music was based on the kind of music that they liked, so the solution to our problem would be more one-sided because since we’re only playing one kind of music it’ll be based on the kind of music that the audience likes.

Progress Made:
My team has made some pretty good progress because we have mostly finished the slides that we’ll be using to present. We’ve also gotten the music we’re going to be using for the presentation. We’ve gotten to a good start on our model too! If we can cooperate properly and finish up everything we need to do before the due date then we’ll be good.

Expected Results:
I expect that the votes will be one-sided because of the kind music that we’re playing. Since our music is synth, if we have a younger audience then we should be fine.

Team Members:
Chibuike Offor(leader), Ifesinachi, Chidire(Noel), Frances

Sponsoring Teachers: Mohit Dubey, Patty Meyer

Team Members:

  Noel Emma-Asonye
  Frances Emma-Asonye
  Ifesinachi Egbo
  Chibuike Offor

Sponsoring Teacher: Heba Nuseibeh

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