Supercomputing Challenge Privacy Policy

  1. What type of personal information will the Supercomputing Challenge collect about students?
    The Challenge collects the following fields: name, address, email address, contact information (phone number and mailing address), school, t-shirt size, grade, parents names, parents email addresses, sponsoring teacher, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, previous participation in the Challenge, GUTS or CSforAll, if they are attending the Kickoff and if they will bring a laptop to the Kickoff, and what math and programming courses they have had.
  2. How will this personal information be used by the Supercomputing Challenge? Will the Supercomputing Challenge use or share the personal information collected from students for commercial purposes? 
    The Challenge will use this information to be able to contact the students and their parents as appropriate, to keep track of statistics of the Challenge participants, and plan for Challenge events. The Challenge will not share the personal information collected about students for commercial purposes.
  3. Does the Supercomputing Challenge enable parents to review and request deletion of the personal information collected about their children?
    Upon request to the Challenge management team, personal information collected about their children can be removed from the Challenge database.
  4. What measures does the Supercomputing Challenge have in place to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the personal information that it collects?
    Access to the participant database is password protected.
  5. What are the Supercomputing Challenge's data retention and deletion policies for personal information?
    Data is kept for statistical analysis and future contact/follow-up capabilities. Requests for deletion can be made to the Challenge management team.