Proposal Guidelines

All teams attending the Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff Conference must submit a proposal online prior to attending. Teams must also bring a hard copy of this proposal with them to the conference. Proposals are short and concise — no more than 250 words.

A proposal for the Supercomputing Challenge is a brief description of the computational scientific problem that your team plans to solve. In the proposal, you must clearly state

  • what the problem is (the definition of the problem)
  • why it is important or what results you hope to get (the purpose of the project)
  • how you plan to work on it (plan of action or methods)

The proposal is helpful to both you and the judges who will access the completed projects. Preparing the proposal helps the team define exactly what its project will be. After you pin down the problem that you will solve, you must devise a plan of action, in other words, decide how you will solve the problem. This plan of action will guide your work during the year. The plan may include doing research, writing a computer program, analyzing data, talking to people in that particular field, and drawing conclusions. The judges will read each proposal to get an initial impression of the project. You can read last year's proposal in the archives.

Remember that proposals are short and concise, no more than 250 words. Each of the points can be covered in one or two sentences.

Use the following information to help prepare your proposal: