Supercomputing Challenge
Kickoff Conference
Saturday Night Electives, 8:00-10:00

  1. Math Mysteries (Cramer 120)
    What if someone were to hand everyone in the room out a list of numbers—several hundred lists—and could predict your numbers blindfolded? A bit of a mystery? Are you intrigued? Come to the Math Mysteries evening sessions and find out!
  2. NM Tech Gymnasium
    Come play dodgeball, volleyball, basketball. Join a game.
  3. Minecraft Birds of a Feather (Cramer 203)
    Come share what you’ve done in Minecraft. Maybe even demo it to the group.
  4. Etscorn Observatory
    Catch the bus at Macey Center for a unique star party, hosted by the Astronomy Club. 
  5. NM Tech Game Room (Fidel Student Union Building)
    Billiards, Foosball, air hockey, etc.
  6. Lil Bits, Arduinos & Electricity (Cramer 239)
    Explore building circuits in seconds. stretch your brain with 2nd generation Arduino micro-controller - as a littleBit.
  7. Open Lab (Speare 23)
    Come use the computer lab to work on your coding skills or just play!
  8. Mafia (Cramer 101)
    Otherwise called Werewolf, Vampire, Witch Hunt, or Pirates. It is a game modeling a battle between an informed minority (the mafia) and an uninformed majority (the townspeople).