Submitted Proposals

Supercomputing Challenge Proposals Submitted
  TEAM Title Emails
1 ABQAcad-1 Linguistical Frequency Analysis Email Team
2 ABQAcad-2 Exploring Pollution Borne Illness Email Team
3 ABQAcad-3 Simulation of Emergency Crowd Flow Email Team
4 ALCS-1 Gila River Diversion Email Team
5 ALCS-2 Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing? Email Team
6 ATC-2 Containing Oil Spills Email Team
7 ATC-3 Hyper-Realistic Epidemiology Simulation Email Team
8 ATC-4 The Impact Caused by a Reversal of Earth’s Magnetic Field Email Team
9 Capital-1 Cyber Security and Networking Email Team
10 DATA-1 Visualizing Frequencies Email Team
11 DesertAcad-1 The decline in new population due to pesticides Email Team


The relationship between kids starting to do drugs and dropout rates Email Team


DesertAcad-3 Phases of the moon Email Team
14 DesertAcad-4 Impacts of temperature, pH and chemistry change of ocean with coral growth Email Team
15 DesertAcad-5 The Ecosystem Of African Animals Email Team
16 DesertAcad-6 How far from the calculable equilibrium does dynamic equilibrium differentiate? Email Team
17 Espanola-1 Fake or Facts Email Team
18 EVHS-1 Birds and Deep Learning Email Team
19 JacksonMid-1 The Gears are Turing Email Team
20 JacksonMid-2 A Child Called “It” Email Team
21 JacksonMid-3 Traffic at Balloon Fiesta Email Team
22 JacksonMid-4 What Technology Can Do To Your Eyes Email Team
23 JacksonMid-5 Technology Addiction Email Team
24 LAHS&LAMS-1 Prime Numbers Email Team
25 LAHS-1 Climate Change and Agriculture Email Team
26 LAHS-2 Combining Fractals Email Team
27 LAHS-3 Virus Mutation Simulation Email Team
28 LAHS-4 Parameter Fitting with PSO Email Team
29 LAHS-5 Alpha, Beta, Muon Email Team
30 LAHS-6 Green Computing: A Parallel Processing Approach on Data Encoding Problems Email Team
31 LAMS-1 Calculating the Creation and Spread of Wildfires Email Team
32 LAMS-2 GMO Mosquitoes into the Wild? We Should Model that First! Email Team
33 LAMS-3 The Spread of Zika Virus Email Team
34 LAMS-4 Sudoku Solver Email Team
35 LosLunasHigh-1 Drug Usage Email Team
36 LosLunasHigh-2 Rattlesnake Hunting Regulation Email Team
37 McCurdy-1 Bug Infestation in Carson National Forest Email Team
38 McCurdy-2 Mass Destruction Email Team
39 McCurdy-3 The Effect of Trees in Espanola Email Team
40 McCurdy-4 Valles Caldera Eruption Effects Northern New Mexico Email Team
41 MesaMid-1 how to help drought-ridden states and flooded states Email Team
42 MesaViewMid-1 Team Heart Email Team
43 MesaViewMid-3 Astronaut Heart Email Team
44 MesaViewMid-4 Gold King Mine Spill Email Team
45 MesaViewMid-5 Who Pooped in the River? Email Team
46 MonteDelSol-1 MRSA and the Population Email Team
47 Moriarty-1 Antibiotic Resistant bacteria Email Team
48 Moriarty-2 Invasive Burmese Python in Florida Email Team
49 NewFutures-1 Can we improve our current Influenza vaccine and cover more influenza strains? Email Team
50 NewFutures-2 Floating Balls and Channels Email Team
51 NewFutures-3 Human on Mars Email Team
52 NMSFA-1 Modeling a super­sustainable society, and its benefits Email Team
53 Pinon-1 Machine Learning with Chess Email Team
54 Portales-1 Artificial Intelligence Email Team
55 Portales-2 Using Applied Physics to create a 2-D Golf game Email Team
56 RioRanchoCyber-1 Erosion: The Positive Side Email Team
57 SandiaPrep-1 Sustained Complexity of Intelligent Systems Email Team
58 SanJuan-1 Establishing CH4 absorbing Zeolite towers in the Four Corners Region and its potential for its local and global emission Email Team
59 SanJuan-2 Technological Singularity- Possibility Vs Assumption Email Team
60 SanJuan-3 Bullying Simulation Email Team
61 SanJuan-4 Exploring E-coli Email Team
62 SFHS-1 Data Encryption, Password Protection! Email Team
62 SFHS-2 Evacuation Efficiency Email Team
64 SFHS-3 What is the Best Placement to Maximize the Effectiveness of Smog Reducing Materials? Email Team
65 SSMA-1 Visualizing the Spread of Zika on a Global Scale Email Team
66 SSMA-2 Green Transportation Email Team
67 SVACCP-1 Look of Life Email Team
68 Taos-1 Staying Alive Email Team
69 Taos-2 Beating Botball with sensors Email Team
70 Taos-3 How do Video Games affect the mind Email Team
71 TwinButtes-1 How will global climate change affect the Pueblo of Zuni? Email Team
72 YWiC-1 Facial Recognition Email Team
73 YWiC-2 Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on Rio Grande Email Team
74 YWiC-3 Musically Inclined Email Team
75 YWiC-4 Hurricane Effects and Patterns Email Team
76 YWiC-5 Wolbachia Bacteria for Zika Virus Prevention Email Team