2022-23 Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff

Kickoff Conference at New Mexico Tech in Socorro will be held on the weekend of October 22-23, 2022.

After lunch Keynote, Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart, APS     

Keynote description: "Year after year, suicide is one of the top-leading causes of death in our country. New Mexico consistently suffers one of the highest rates in the nation. We have to be able to identify the warning signs of suicide and be able to help if we identify someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide. Mental health stigma exists but suicide is preventable if we all become more aware of the warning signs and how to help. Suicide is a public health issue that affects all of us and anyone can learn how to help. In this presentation we will discuss how you can recognize someone at risk of suicide, where to go for help, and how to keep yourself safe too."

Biography: Jennifer Hart grew up in upstate New York and moved to New Mexico ten years ago. Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree from the SUNY Brockport, NY, in Psychology. Her master’s degree was earned from the University of Rochester, NY, in School Counseling. Jen was a school counselor for 15 years in both NY & NM before she undertook the role of Albuquerque Public School’s District Crisis Resource Counselor. Within her role, Jen ensures all Albuquerque Public School District’s middle and high school students receive evidenced-based Suicide Prevention classroom lessons from their school counselors. Jen has always been passionate about doing crisis recovery work in school settings, and she leads Albuquerque Public School’s District Crisis and Recovery Team (DSMaRT), which has approximately 50 volunteer team members. Within her role as District Crisis Resource Counselor, Jen works with the district school counselors, social workers, and school nurses to ensure students are able to receive immediate assistance when struggling with suicidal ideation.

Jennifer's presentation

YouTube video of Jennifer's talk

After dinner Keynote, Victor Kuhns, Hoonify Technologies Inc.

Victor Kuhns      YouTube video of Victor's talk

Sunday lunch Keynote, 2021-2022 Supercomputing Challenge Winners

Daniel Kim Andres Iturregui   Biography:

Los Alamos High School

Team Members: Daniel Kim and Andres Iturregui

Developing a Control Algorithm and Simulation for Thrust Vector Controlled Rockets Final Written Report

Daniel and Andres explain their project 10 minute video

Conference Tracks

Track 1 - StarLogo Nova, Beginners

The students who participate in this session typically are Pre-Algebra students and have little to no experience in coding.

Track 2 - NetLogo, Beginners

The students who participate in this session typically are Pre-Algebra students and have little to no experience in NetLogo coding.

Track 3 - Intermediate NetLogo

This session is for students who have taken Algebra 1 and have some experience in NetLogo programming.

Track 4 - Introduction to Python

This session is for students who have some experience with at least one programming language.

Track 5 - Experienced - Google Colab, Machine Learning, Python

This session is for students who have at least Pre-Calculus math level and have some experience with at least one programming language and/or have participated in the Challenge for multiple years.

Teacher Session

This session is for teachers to familiarize themselves with the Supercomputing Challenge year and milestones.


Remember that Supercomputing Challenge teams need to submit a Proposal prior to the Kickoff. See proposal guidelines.

Be sure you have registered for the Supercomputing Challenge, submitted a TEAF and paid the registration fee.

Class Materials

Class materials

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