Meet the Team

For General Questions:

Bill Blackler

Bill is the Supercomputing Challenge Evangelist.

Celia Einhorn

Celia began working with the Challenge in 1999. She is a retired educator with a passion for project-based learning and learning communities.

Karen Glennon

Karen has sponsored Challenge teams from Jackson Middle School for many years.

David Kratzer

David, as a staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been involved in the Supercomputing Challenge since its founding in 1990, and served as the Executive Director until Jan 2020.

Patty Meyer

Patty is a retired educator and has been working with the Challenge for many years.

Paige Prescott

Paige Prescott became the Executive Director in January 2020 after having been involved with the Supercomputing Challenge and several other computer science programs, including Project GUTS, for many years.